2016 Asia 21 Action Lab

Asia 21 Young Leaders in Kathmandu, Nepal

From October 6-10, 2016, the Asia 21 Action Lab was piloted by a group of ten Asia 21 Young Leaders at a 4-day retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal. The following organizations, all founded and led by Asia 21 fellows, were the focus of the retreat:

The five organizations selected were:

• Saathi Pads, Kristin Kagetsu (Class of 2015)
• Clinic 5, Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa (Class of 2015)
• KTK-BELT, Rajeev Goyal (Class of 2015)
Kehi Garoun, Umanga Pandey (Class of 2015)


Feedback from Participants: 

"By the end of the retreat I felt much more relaxed and confident about how to approach my co-founders about certain issues and make concrete changes"

Kristin Kagetsu, Saathi Pads

"I was able to see my blind spots, receive very tangible action points and new ideas that I wouldn’t have had, had such a collaborative exercise not occurred."

Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa, Clinic 5

"The most rewarding part was to discover new and important elements of their work/motivation. Overwhelmed with daily activities, presenters often come to an ‘aha’ moment when they discover that there may be things they had not previously thought about."

Umanga Pandey, Kehi Garoun