Photos & Videos: 2016 U.S.-China Film Summit & Gala Dinner


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Spotlight: The World’s Two Biggest Film Markets – a Contrast in Styles

Michael Ellis, Asia-Pacific president and managing director of the Motion Picture Association, opens the seventh annual U.S.-China Film Summit with an address explaining China’s controls on foreign film distribution and the process of making co-productions that avoid any quotas. (15 min., 21 sec.) 

Treasure Hunt: China Seeks Global Talent, Hollywood Seeks Sources of Finance

Lindsay Conner, Zhou Yuan, Jonah Greenberg, Michelle Yang, and William Pfeiffer discuss China’s search for producers, executives, and storytellers, among other talent in Hollywood, as well as Hollywood’s deepening collaboration with China. (Portions of this video are spoken in Chinese) (56 min., 50 sec.)

Executive Spotlight: Wei Zhang and Jeff Small 

Producer Janet Yang interviews Wei Zhang, president of Alibaba Pictures, and Jeff Small, president and co-CEO of Amblin Partners, about the new partnership between Jack Ma’s Alibaba and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin, one of the highest profile China-Hollywood deals to date. (26 min., 30 sec.)  

Talent Spotlight: Director Jon M. Chu

Jon M. Chu, director of the Now You See Me 2 and the Step Up films, talks about his Asian-American identity and his upcoming movie, based on the book Crazy Rich Asians, with John Penotti, co-founder of Ivanhoe Pictures and president of Sidney Kimmel Entertainment. (27min.)

Animation’s New Realm: The Rising Opportunities and Stakes

Stephen Saltzman, partner at Loeb & Loeb, Melissa Cobb, head of studio and chief creative officer of Oriental DreamWorks, Bob Bacon, CEO of Alpha Animation, and Harley Zhao, president and CEO of Original Force, share insights on creating animated content, brand-building, and bridging the U.S. and Chinese markets. (42 mins., 33 sec.)

Doing the Right Thing: The Evolving Art of Making International Co-Productions

Sanjay Sood, Charlie Coker, Mark Lazarus, Sheri Jeffrey, Liu Kailuo, and Miao Xiaotian discuss Skiptrace’s success in China, why so few co-productions are international hits, and how to navigate the challenges of cross-border collaborations. (Portions of this video are spoken in Chinese). (54 min., 10 sec.)

U.S.-China Film Summit Honoree: Cao Baoping

Wu Manfang, dean of the School of Management at Beijing Film Academy, introduces honoree Cao Baoping, an award-winning writer, director, and producer, as well as a screenwriting professor at Beijing Film Academy. (Video in Chinese). (2 min., 57 sec.) 

Talent Spotlight: Director Cao Baoping

Writer, director, and producer Cao Baoping discusses his new film Cock and Bull and how he balances his artistic vision while still appealing to mass audiences. Tom Nagorski, executive vice president of Asia Society, moderates the discussion. (Portions of this video are spoken in Chinese) (23 min., 29 sec.)

Executive Spotlight: Stuart Ford

Stuart Ford, CEO of IM Global, discusses IM Global’s past, present, and future relationship with China’s film market and how to appeal to Chinese audiences, with Bennett Pozil, executive vice president of East West Bank. (20 min., 48 sec.)

The Future of Filmed Content: Virtual Reality, Location-Based Entertainment and Beyond 

Thomas E. McLain, Joshua Wexler, Michael Corrigan, Lisa Wang, and Ray Braun discuss how innovation and peripheral industries are enhancing audience experiences of filmed content. (Portions of this video are spoken in Chinese) (47 min., 49 sec.)

Talent Spotlight: Director Lu Chuan

Writer, director, and producer Lu Chuan discusses the differences between directing Chinese and international films and his first English-language feature River Town, with Jonathan Landreth, managing editor of ChinaFile. (23 min., 22 sec.)

Film’s Digital Frontier: China’s Digital Content Promise and Lessons for Hollywood

Bing Chen, Luke Xiang, David Hutkin, Victor Wang, Yang Ming, and Andy Zhang explore three facets of the digital marketplace: content development, distribution, and eco-system. (Portions of this video are spoken in Chinese). (52 min., 46 sec.)

U.S.-China Film Gala Dinner Honoree: Lu Chuan

Paul Steinke, senior vice president of Walt Disney Studios, introduces honoree Lu Chuan, a writer, director, and producer whose critically acclaimed works include his first international project, Born in China, produced by Disneynature. (5 min., 17 sec.)  

Academy CEO Dawn Hudson Speaks at the U.S.-China Film Gala Dinner

Dawn Hudson, CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and producer Janet Yang, talk about diversity and change in Hollywood. (5 min., 34 sec.) 

U.S.-China Film Gala Dinner Honoree: Melissa Cobb

Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director of Kung Fu Panda 3, introduces honoree Melissa Cobb, Oriental DreamWorks head of studio and chief creative officer, who discusses leading the Kung Fu Panda franchise and building U.S.-Chinese collaboration at Oriental DreamWorks, a pioneering joint venture. (9 min., 29 sec.) 

U.S.-China Film Gala Dinner Honoree: James Wang

Dominic Ng, chairman and CEO of East West Bank, introduces honoree James Wang, vice chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media, who discusses his role in building an entertainment conglomerate and his hopes for collaboration with Hollywood. (Portions of this video are spoken in Chinese) (7 min., 53 sec.)