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13 February
Conversation with Kishore Singh and Abhay Sardesai to celebrate the highlights from the India Art Fair.
11 February
A conversation between Ambassador Richard Verma and Pramit Jhaveri.
11 February
An conversation with Kirti Trivedi on philosophy of Asian graphic design
6 February
An engaging discussion on Indian foreign policy with Dr. David M. Malone, Richard Bale and Pramit Pal Chaudhuri.
30 January
Join us for a freewheeling discussion with Rishi Jaitly, Market Director, India & Southeast Asia at Twitter.
15 January
A talk by The Hon. Michael Baird, with Dr. Rajiv Lall and James Crabtree on Australia-India relations.
10 December
Relive the Northern Kunqu Opera's recent performance of the much acclaimed Peony Pavilion in Mumbai.
9 December
Celebration Dinner for The Times Lit Fest
8 December
Crafting an Agenda for Growth and Empowerment in South Asia
14 November
A conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Charles H. Rivkin and Ashish Chauhan MD & CEO of the BSE on innovation and investment in India.