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15 March
Join us for a discussion on the world's largest democratic elections.
13 March
U.S. Secretary for Energy visits Mumbai for a talk on how the United States and India can collaborate on meeting clean energy needs.
3 March
Join Maya Krishna Rao as she performs WALK.
26 February
The panel explores popular discontent against government and established parties prior to India's 2014 election.
20 February
Join Professor Prasad for a private round table discussion.
14 February
Asian Heritage Foundation's Rajeev Sethi joins Asia Society President Emerita Vishakha Desai for a conversation on public art.
24 January
Michael J. Sandel and Jerry Rao debate the issues raised in Sandel's book "What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets."
22 January
Private round-table discussion with Asia Society President Josette Sheeran and Akhil Gupta
11 January
Private round-table discussion with Husain Haqqani and Strobe Talbott
9 January
Ashutosh Varshney discusses Indian politics and his new book