A world premiere concert with bilingual narration that tells the story of Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat Festival.
A panel of artists and experts discusses the roles and challenges of contemporary art and the prospects of Hong Kong’s art industry.
What does 2017 hold in store for the Trump-Xi relationship? Will a new era dawn in Sino-U.S. relations?
A panelist of experts discussed actions undertaken to support Asia’s youth escape poverty.
An evening panel discussion on the impact of digital advancement on the arts and culture sector.
An evening discussion of China's household registration system and its effects on migrant workers.
News Corp CEO Robert Thomson addresses how digital platforms have commodified content.
Pascal Boniface discusses how sport has become the new field of confrontation, peaceful and regulated, between nations.
A panel discussion on the key challenges to ensure talented young people remain committed to Hong Kong.
Michelle A. Williams explores an ambitious health agenda that will help women live longer, happier and healthier.