Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong | 喘息空間:香港當代藝術展

South Ho, Defense and Resistance, 2013 in Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong.
South Ho, Defense and Resistance, 2013 in Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong.

This exhibition presents 11 local artists whose works look at the pressure of living in this city and make room for us to pause, reflect, respond and possibly challenge the world around us. Their works engage with urban experience, current affairs, and shared and personal history in a range of medium from painting to sculpture, video to mixed media installation. The exhibition consists of two parts: inside the gallery are extant works that contemplate various restrictions we encounter every day, from the spatial to psychological, the social to historical. Beyond the gallery, the outdoor area of our site is opened up for new commissions that strive to overcome these boundaries through artistic experimentation.

The participating artists are: Chilai Howard, Chloë Cheuk, Cheuk Wing Nam, Enoch Cheung, South Ho, Vaan Ip, Ko Sin Tung, Andio Lai, Siu Wai Hang, Adrian Wong and Magdalen Wong, and the exhibition is led by in-house curator Dominique Chan with Joyce Hei-ting Wong and Ashley Nga-sai Wu as assistant curators.

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About the Artists 關於藝術家
Chilai Howard

Chilai Howard has a passion for using moving images and mixed media installations to explore social and political affairs. His recent work tests the potential of mechanical installation to evoke intangible feelings and states of mind. Formerly educated in the UK, Howard returned to Hong Kong to study intermedia art at The School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and Creative Communication at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After graduation, his works gained international success in numerous art shows and gallery exhibitions, including Both Sides Now, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (2015); Video Art in Asia 02-12, ZKM|Media Museum Inkarlsruhe, Germany (2013); Experimental Film and Video Art Festival in Nanjing, China (2012); Cologne International Video Art Festival in National Centre for Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg (2011) and Arad Art Museum, Romania (2011); No Soul for Sales in Tate Modern, London (2010); and Move on Asia in Casa Asia, Barcelona (2009). Currently, Howard is working as Creative Director at N7 Communication, in addition to his artistic practice in Hong Kong. 

鄭智禮是一位藝術家,為 N7 Communication 的創意總監。他擅於運用混合媒體和動態影像去探討社會及政治議題,近期嘗試以機械裝置表達無形的想法。他在英國留學返港後,分別於香港城市大學修讀互動媒體及香港科技大學修讀創意傳理學。他的作品曾在不同展覽展出,例如台北當代藝術館的《彼岸觀自在》(2015)、德國卡爾斯魯厄藝術與媒體中心(2013)、南京的亞洲實驗電影與錄象藝術節 (2012)、泰特現代藝術館的 《No Soul for Sales》(2010)、巴塞隆納文化中心的 《Move on Asia 2009》 (2009) 等 。現居香港。


Chloë Cheuk is a media artist who works with installation, interactive media, photography and video. Her works display great individuality in their exploration of the “structure of feeling” that exists in objects and mechanical devices. The artist often employs daily readymade objects that resonate with our contemporary globalized world, thereby engaging the audience in a dialogue with their own daily experiences and memories. Cheuk has presented solo and group exhibitions and participated in art festivals internationally in Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Canada, South America, the UK and Europe. She has also participated in multiple artist residencies, including Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland supported by Soundpocket; Videotage Hong Kong; and Ars Electronica Futurelab, Austria supported by ifva and Burger Collection; and European Union National Institutes for Culture. She was recently nominated for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Awards (Award for Young Artist). Cheuk obtained her BA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong, and is currently conducting a research regarding mechanism, objects, space and affection at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. 

卓思穎是一位媒體藝術家,擅於創作裝置、互動媒體、攝影及錄像。她專注將「情感建構」與動力機械裝置連繫,探究平凡物品或媒體之間的對話和當中的涵意。她經常將日常生活用品融入作品,勾起觀眾的回憶,引起共嗚。她曾參與多個國際展覽,足跡遍佈香港、台灣、美國、加拿大、南美洲、英國及歐洲。她的作品曾在瑞士蘇黎世藝術大學 、香港錄映太奇 、奧地利林茲電子藝術節等活動內展出。卓思穎近日更獲香港藝術發展局提名藝術新秀獎。她畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,現於加拿大蒙特利爾康考迪亞大學,研究機械、物件及空間之間的相互影響。


Cheuk Wing Nam is an interdisciplinary artist interested in mixing sound with other media using computer technology. Often favoring an object-based approach to her art, she makes use of unlikely readymade objects to explore urban soundscape and the emotive potential of sound. Her work takes the form in interactive installations and sound sculptures, as well as performances that show interest in the interrelationship between light, shadow, sound and space. Cheuk has exhibited her works and performed in musical events internationally, including Sonic Environment 2016 (Brisbane, Australia), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK, Switzerland) and Floating Projects (Hong Kong). Before obtaining her MA in Visual Arts (Studio Art and Extended Media) from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015, Cheuk graduated with a BA in International Business (Japan) and a minor in Marketing from City University of Hong Kong in 2007, and went on to pursue a Higher Diploma in Fashion and Clothing (Fashion Design stream) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012. During her postgraduate training, she received guidance from renowned artists Bryan Chung, Kingsley Ng and Steve Hui (aka Nerve). She is currently based in Hong Kong.

卓穎嵐是一位跨媒體藝術家,擅於運用電子科技將聲音與其他媒體混合創作。她的作品經常以意想不到的物件作為主體,從而發掘聲音創作的可能性。從她的互動裝置及聲音雕塑,她對光、影、聲音和空間的互動特別感興趣。她曾於澳洲布里斯本《Sonic Environment》、蘇黎世藝術大學及香港藝術群體《據點.句點》等國際音樂活動中展出及表演。卓穎嵐在取得香港浸會大學視覺藝術院文學碩士學位前,曾分別於香港城市大學修畢日本商業學位學士、香港理工大學修畢服裝及紡織學高級文憑。卓穎嵐當研究生時曾跟隨著名藝術家伍韶勁、鍾緯正及許敖山學習。現居香港。

Enoch Cheung

Enoch Cheung is a conceptual artist with a practice ranging from photography, video and mixed media to artwork and installation. His work always intends to trigger audience to question their perception and understanding of daily life and social issues. Prior to becoming an artist, Cheung worked as the lead graphic designer for over 10 years at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. This unique experience fostered the artist’s deep connection with hospitals, which still informs his art today. Cheung has presented internationally in solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. He has also participated in curatorial collaborations, such as “I think it rains” of the Hong Kong Burger Collection in 2013 and “Pseudo Collection – What do Artists Collect” at 1a space in 2016. Besides his personal art projects, he has also taught at Hong Kong Art School, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity and numerous workshops. Cheung graduated with a BA in Fine Art (Painting) in 2001, co-presented by RMIT University, Australia and Hong Kong Art School. Thereafter, he obtained an MA in Fine Art (Painting) from RMIT University, Australia in 2004, an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009, and an MA in Fine Art (Interactive Media and Environment) from Frank Mohr Institute, Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands in 2010. He is currently based in Hong Kong. 

張康生是一位概念藝術家,擅於創作攝影、錄像、混合媒體及裝置,引導觀眾探討日常生活及 社會議題。他曾在香港養和醫院擔任平面設計部主管長達十年,與醫院結下不解之緣。他曾在 香港、南韓、新加坡、馬來西亞、菲律賓、英國、澳洲及荷蘭等地展出。張康生亦有參與 2012 年 Burger Collection 與 1a Space 合辦的《I think it rains》等展覽的策展工作。除了藝 術創作外,他亦曾在香港藝術學院,香港兆基創意書院及其他藝術工作坊任教。張康生畢業於 澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學與香港藝術學院合辦的藝術文學士學位,及後在澳洲皇家墨爾本理工 大學完成其藝術碩士學位。現居香港。


South Ho is a photographer who explores social issues, values and the nature of life with his images. Ho graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2006 with a Higher Diploma in Social Work, and has worked for various local magazine, as both editor and photographer. Since 2007, Ho has been actively participating in photography exhibitions. In 2008, he took part in Imaging Hong Kong Contemporary Photography Exhibition. His series “Into Light’ was selected in the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2009 and was then adopted into the collection of The Burger Collection, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan. He was also nominated for the Société Générale Chinese Art Awards 2010 and selected as a finalist in The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2011. Apart from pursuing his own artistic career, he is also involved in other public art projects. In 2013, he co-founded 100ft. PARK, which is a non-commercial art space dedicated to providing an open platform for artists and art lovers to exhibit and share creative thoughts. He is currently based in Hong Kong. 

何兆南是一位攝影師,透過影像探討社會議題、價值觀及生命的本質。他畢業於香港理工大學 社會工作系,曾任本地雜誌編輯及攝影師。2007 年開始參與攝影展覽,於 2008 參與香港大型 攝影展覽《影像香港–當代攝影展》。2009 年獲得《香港當代藝術雙年獎 2009》年度獎,其 作品 《Into Light》已獲 The Burger Collection、香港文化博物館及日本 Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts 收藏。他曾獲「Société Générale Chinese Art Awards 2010」的提名,亦入圍「The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2011」。2003 年他創辦了非牟利藝術空間《百呎公園》,促進藝術交流。現居香港。


Graduated from Hong Kong Art School with a Higher Diploma in Fine Art, Vaan Ip has continuously engaged with the cityscape of Hong Kong and the psychological environment of urban spaces in his art. Initially working in ink, his paintings mingle his impression of the city and his childhood memories. His works engage the audience to reflect on their own experience in the crowded city of Hong Kong and the idea of space in all its forms. Ip went on to work in sculpture and light installations, and more recently outdoor sculptures that continue his exploration of urbanity and architecture. Ip had his first two solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, titled Finding Neverland (2009) at Shin Hwa Gallery and Paradise Revisited (2014) at Studio Rouge Gallery. He also participated in various international group exhibitions, such as Trail of Time (2008) in Bangkok, the ART FAIR TOKYO (2011), The 18th International Sculpture Symposium Icheon 2015 in South Korea and most recently the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (2016). He is currently based in Hong Kong.

葉梵為香港藝術學院藝術高級文憑畢業生。創作主題圍繞香港城市環境及空間結構,又常於水 墨作品中描繪他對香港的印象及童年回憶。他的作品反映城市急促生活,令觀眾聯想到自己的經歷,得到共嗚。葉梵近期專注於以戶外雕塑及光影裝置探索建築及城市的面貌。他的個展包括香港申畫畫廊的 《 Finding Neverland 》 及 Studio Rouge Gallery 的 《 Paradise Revisited》,又曾參與多個國際展覽,例如曼谷的《Trail of the Time Exhibition》、東京藝 術博覽會、南韓的《The 18th International Sculpture Symposium Incheon 2015》及最近期 的《the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennaie di Venezia 2016》。現居香港。

Ko Sin Tung

Ko Sin Tung employs various media including painting, video, digital print, and installation to create works that reflect upon contemporary living experience. Her practice explores the idiosyncrasies and psychological impact of objects from the domestic to urban. This serves as a means for her to understand how people project their expectations toward life and the future, and the emotional discrepancies that often exist between expectation and reality. Ko graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009. She has presented exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Russia, and France, as well as participated in an artist residency in Norway with Art House Messen, Ålvik. She has been the recipient of project grants from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Pure Art Foundation, Hong Kong. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong. 

高倩彤善於運用不同的媒介創作反映現代生活,作品包括繪畫、錄像、數碼打印及裝置,探討 家居以至城市物件對人的心理影響。她了解人對生活及將來的期望,但認為理想與現實之間往 往存在落差。高倩彤畢業於香港中文大學藝術系,曾參與香港、中國、台灣、俄羅斯及法國的 展覽,亦曾以藝術家身份參與挪威「Art house Messen, Ålvik 藝術村」活動。她曾獲香港藝術 發展局及香港「Pure Art Foundation」計劃資助。現居香港。

Andio Lai

Andio Lai works predominantly with sound art in his practice, exploring the possibilities of instrument design and sound-making with analog and digital technology as well as readymade objects. The sound-making apparatus is just as important to Lai as the sounds he creates, and he treats the form of his art as akin to sculpture or installation. His works often require audience participation and carry an element of performance. Lai received his BA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong in 2015, he is currently a master’s student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studying Fine Arts. He has presented his works at major art fairs and festivals such as Art Basel Hong Kong, Microwave International Festival and Golden Sugarcane Film Festival, Taiwan. Lai is currently based in Hong Kong.



Siu Wai Hang works with photography, video, and installation in his practice to explore the narrative and expressive potential of the image. His work takes inspiration from personal histories and daily experiences and explores the relationship between urbanity and nature and various social issues in Hong Kong. Siu graduated with a BA in Creative Media from The School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. He went on to obtain his Master of Fine Art from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He won the WYNG Masters Award in 2014 and was awarded ifva Emerging Talent Award in 2016. The artist has presented two solo exhibitions since 2010, The Elusive (Lumenvisum, 2015) and Metropolis Chlorophyll (K11, 2010). He has also joined a number group exhibitions, including The 21st ifva Awards, 780s (Blindspot Gallery, 2014), WYNG Masters Award Finalists’ Exhibition – GASP (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2014), Pingyao International Photography Festival 2013 (Pingyao, 2013), Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 (Hong Kong Museum of Art, 2013) and Hong Kong EYE (Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, 2013). Siu is currently based in Hong Kong.

蕭偉恒經常透過攝影、錄像及裝置探索影像背後的故事和意味。他的作品多取材自個人及日常 經歷,以了解香港城市、大自然及社會議題之間的關係。蕭偉恒畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體 學院,及後在香港中文大學取得藝術系碩士學位。他在 2014 年獲得 WYNG 大師攝影獎, 2016 年獲得 ifva 藝術家新秀獎。他曾舉辦的個展包括 2015 年的《The Elusive》及 2010 年 的《Metropolis Chlorophyll》。他曾參與的團體展覽包括《第二十一屆 ifva 比賽》、 《Blindspot Gallery - 780S》、WYNG 大師攝影獎作品展《GASP! 》、《中國平遙國際攝影 大展 2013》、《香港當代藝術獎 2012》及《Hong Kong EYE 當代藝術展 2013》。現居香港。


Magdalen Wong works mainly in video, sculpture, and photography. Her current work stems from careful observation of the mundane, often manipulating easily accessible source materials that clutter our daily life, such as generic imageries (i.e. sunrise and sunsets) or found objects (i.e. balloons and old necklaces), to trigger an extended curiosity with the familiar. Although her work is sometimes viewed as a critique of the consumer culture – often deconstructing advertisements and TV commercials, the artist intends to generate alternate narratives in her art that inspire other connections beyond the conventional – a mystery in the ordinary. Wong has presented solo and group exhibitions internationally in Hong Kong, China, South Korea, USA, Sweden, and Greece. She is also the recipient of many awards and residencies, including the Hayward Prize from The American Austrian Foundation, Salzburg (2005), Freeman Foundation Asian Artists’ Fellowship (2010), Asian Pacific Artists Fellowship from The National Art Studio, Seoul (2011) and Artist Residency with the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, USA (2014). Wong was born in Hong Kong and moved to U.S.A. at the age of 13, she attained a BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2003, and an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005. Wong is currently based in New York and part of the U.S.-based art group, i.e artist group.

黃頌恩 的作品以錄像、雕塑及攝影為主,取材自對日常生活細節的觀察,以一些日常用品作為材料,例如圖像(日出或日落等)及物件(氣球及舊頸鏈等),製造似曾相識的感覺,引起觀眾的好奇。她的作品間中傳達反消費主義的訊息,解構廣告及電視等商業媒體,從而引申出不受常規所限制的另類表達方式。黃頌恩曾在香港、中國、南韓、美國、瑞典及希臘參與團體展覽及舉辦個展。她曾獲得的獎項包括「The American Austrian Foundation - Hayward Prize 2005」、「富爾門基金會亞洲藝術家獎助 2003」和「Asian Pacific Artists Fellowship 2011」,並為「Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture 2014」的駐埸藝術家。黃頌恩出生於香港,13 歲時移居美國。她在馬里蘭藝術學院修畢學士學位,於芝加哥藝術學院修畢碩士學位。她現居紐約,是美國藝術家組織成員之一。


Adrian Wong was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He was originally trained in research psychology, receiving an MA degree from Stanford University in 2003. He began making and exhibiting art in San Francisco while concurrently pursuing his degree in research psychology. He continued his post-graduate studies at Yale University, where he received an MFA in 2005. Relying heavily on research-based method, his installations, videos and sculptures draw from varied subjects and explore the intricacies of his relationship to his environment (experientially, historically, culturally, and through the filter of fantastical or fictionalized narratives). Wong has been based in Hong Kong since 2005, where he is the co-founder and director of Embassy Projects, an arts consultancy, and independent production studio. His recent exhibitions include the traveling exhibition Troglodyte See the Light, A Passion for Creation for the Louis Vuitton Fondation pour la Création, and Hong Kong Eye at the Saatchi Gallery. He is the winner of the 2013-2014 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. And his work is included in the Uli Sigg Collection (Lucerne), the Dominique and Sylvain Levy Collection (Paris), the Kadist Foundation Collection (San Francisco), Hong Kong Museum of Art (Hong Kong), M+ Museum Collection (Hong Kong) and the other private collections.

王浩然在美國伊利諾州芝加哥出生及成長,並在史丹福大學碩士畢業。及後他在三藩市創作和參展,同時進行心理學的研究,並於耶魯大學完成藝術碩士學位。他的創作以實驗方法論為基礎,透過裝置、影像和雕塑等作品探索自身與環境間的複雜關係。王浩然 2005 年後移居香港,創辦藝術資訊和獨立製作工作室 Embassy Projects,並擔任總監。近期展覽包括路易威登創意基金會美術館舉辦的《Troglodyte See the Light》、《A Passion for Creation》,以及在Saatchi Gallery 舉辦的《Hong Kong Eye》。他曾獲得 2013-2014 年 Sovereign Asian Art Prize,作品獲眾多公共機構和私人收藏,包括烏利.希克收藏(Lucrene)、Dominique and Sylvain Levy Collection(巴黎)、卡蒂斯特藝術基金會(舊金山)、香港藝術館(香港)、M+ Museum Collection(香港)、William Lim(香港),以及 Hallam Chow(香港)私人收藏等。

Gallery Guided Tours 展覽導賞團
Chloë Cheuk,...Until I am Found, 2017 in Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong.
Chloë Cheuk,...Until I am Found, 2017 in Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong.

Saturday | 2:30pm (In English) | 3:30pm (In Cantonese)
Sunday | 2:30pm (In English) | 3:30pm (In Cantonese)

Gallery tours are open to the public. No registration is required. 

逢星期六 | 下午2時半 (英語) | 下午3時半 (粵語)
逢星期日 | 下午2時半 (英語) | 下午3時半 (粵語) 


Breathing Space catalogue

Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong is published by Asia Society Hong Kong Center on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition held from March 12 to August 13, 2017. Edited by the curator, Dominique Chan, the book contains a curatorial overview and catalog of the exhibition with over 80 color photographs. The catalog also includes texts by assistant curators Ashley Nga-sai Wu and Joyce Hei-ting Wong, as well as contributors Andre Chan and Alex Tam that discuss Hong Kong contemporary art in the context of history, current affairs, local art ecology and arts education. The catalog is available for purchase at the center’s Asia Society Store, for overseas delivery, please enquire via email.

Title: Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-12272-8-7
Size: 265 mm x 200 mm portrait, paperback
Number of pages: 144
Price: Members: HK$180 / Non-members: HK$220
Publisher: Asia Society Hong Kong Center 

Programs 活動
藝術家工作坊: 黎仲民的迷你雜音裝置
藝術家工作坊: 黎仲民的迷你雜音裝置.

In conjunction with the exhibition Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong, Asia Society Hong Kong Center hosts a variety of dynamic and hands-on related programming.

Discussions and Lectures 座談會及講座

March 22, 2017: Art and the City: A conversation between contemporary artists from Hong Kong
May 23, 2017: The Creative Economy of Contemporary Art in Hong Kong
May 8, 2017: 與藝術家對談

Workshops 工作坊

May 21, 2017: 藝術家工作坊: 蕭偉恒的暗箱攝影
May 27, 2017: 藝術家工作坊: 卓穎嵐的聲音裝置
June 25, 2017: 藝術家工作坊: 黎仲民的迷你雜音裝置
July 9, 2017: 藝術家工作坊:張康生的感知實驗

In the News 媒體
Ko Sin Tung,無敵海景, 2015 in Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong.
Ko Sin Tung, 無敵海景, 2015 in Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong.

Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong, ArtAsiaPacific, 2017.

In Hong Kong, art becomes a vessel for the next generation's concerns, CNN, March 20, 2017.

《喘息空間:香港當代藝術》展覽, 《信報》, March 22, 2017.

As the 20th anniversary of the handover to China nears, Hong Kong artists meditate on space, memory, Quartz, March 21, 2017.

给香港当代艺术留出“喘息”空间, The Art Newspaper, March 25, 2017. 

喘息空間:香港當代藝術展, 《Cultural Express 文化快訊 RTHK》, March 26, 2017.

As Hong Kong Ponders Its Future Under Beijing, Politics Infuses Its ArtThe New York Times, March 30, 2017.

香港当代艺术 寻找歇息的空间, 《联合早报》, April 17, 2017.

《喘息空間:香港當代藝術》展覽, 《信報》,May 31, 2017. 

喘息空間 你畀啲空間我啦, 《立場新聞》, July 12, 2017.

香港當代藝術 石屎森林中的「喘息空間」, The Value, July 17, 2017.

我們的藝術在說甚麼—— 喘息空間香港當代藝術展,《藝頻 》, August 2, 2017. 

Press Release 新聞稿


Installation views 展覽照片
Installation view of Breathing Space.
Installation view of Breathing Space.
Installation view of Breathing Space.
Installation view of Breathing Space.
Installation view of Breathing Space.
Installation view of Adrian Wong's three neon grate artworks in green, yellow and red in Breathing Space at Asia Society Hong Kong Center.



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