JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power: Wuji Ensemble賽馬會藝壇新勢力─無極樂團


Ticketing Information

Free Admission. Online registration with deposit of $100 required. (refund on the event day)

免費入場需網上登記並提交$100按金 (將於當日全數退回)

Wuji Ensemble’s “Salon Concert” Series, will be moderated by music director and renowned pipa player Wong Chi Ching. Ching wants to inspire the participants' perceptions of life through live performances and intimate interactions. This concert aims to achieve a deep appreciation of Chinese music from a new perspective, to help the audience enhance their understanding of traditional Chinese art and culture, as well as an in-depth exploration of Chinese aesthetics. The audience will be able grasp the importance of art and increase their artistic and cultural experience through music.

The theme of the three “Salon Concerts” revolves around Chinese operas, including Nanyin, Nanguan and Kunqu Opera. Different guests will be invited to each concert. Through interaction with Ms. Wong Chi Ching, the audience will experience and appreciate the essence of traditional Chinese opera.

In addition to the “Salon Concerts”, “Singing Bowls Experience” and “The Wuji Tea & Music Experience” will also be organized to bring about a taste of Oriental aesthetics and cultivate a peaceful mood.



除「心靈雅集」系列以外,另特設「缽靜心幽」頌缽體驗及「醇茶香音」— 無極茶事,讓觀眾在禪意中細味生命的感悟與昇華。


 Saturday, November 17 

Salon Concert (1): Song for the Exile 心靈雅集(一):「客途秋恨」
Evening Concert 晚間音樂會

Cantonese and Mandarin  
Saturday, November 24
2:45pm Singing Bowls Experience 「缽靜心幽」頌缽體驗
Afternoon Workshop 午間工作坊
Saturday, December 1

Salon Concert (2): Sound of Nanguan 心靈雅集(二):「南管清韻」
Evening Concert 晚間音樂會

Cantonese and Mandarin 
Friday, December 7

Salon Concert (3): Beauty of Kunqu 心靈雅集(三):「崑情裊裊」
Evening Concert 晚間音樂會

Cantonese and Mandarin 
Saturday, December 8

The Wuji Tea & Music Experience 「醇茶香音」— 無極茶事
Afternoon Workshop 午間工作坊




Wuji Ensemble

Founded in 2003, the Ensemble consists of a group of local musicians, led by the renowned composer Law Wing-fai as artistic director and Pipa soloist Wong Chi-ching as music director. “Wuji” in Chinese means “boundless”, “endless” and “continuously evolving”. The Ensemble constantly commissions new works as well as new arrangements of existing repertoires in Chinese and Western music, and sometimes complemented with other theatrical elements. This series, Beyond the Senses, was also showcased at Hong Kong Music Series in London in 2017 presented by HKADC.


「無極」指可永續發展,無邊無界限的意思。無極樂團成立於2003年,由著名作曲家羅永暉擔任藝術總監,琵琶演奏家王梓靜為音樂總監,團員由多位本地音樂家組成。 演出曲目遊走於中西文化之間,以新委約創作或重新編配中西多類型的音樂曲目為主軸,配合變化多端的現代舞台效果,全面發揮自由靈活的多元媒體演奏形態。2017年《一色一香》獲邀於藝發局主辦的英國倫敦「香港音樂系列」演出。


JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power

To illuminate and enliven our home city, 12 talented local creative units return with their critically acclaimed works shown overseas. From music, theater, xiqu, multimedia arts to contemporary dance, specially curated arts activities will be showcased in different corners of our community, sharing passion and love for Hong Kong. Engage in your artistic moments, and indulge in this extraordinary cityscape! Above programs are presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, as part of the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power (2018 edition).




生於斯長於斯,本地創意人才與香港對話,交換城市情書; 十二個精英創作單位於海外藝術節綻放異彩後載譽回航。在社區各個角落分享音樂、劇場演出、戲曲、多媒體藝術及當代舞; 投入你的藝術時刻,飽覽不一樣的城市風景!


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Event Details

Sat 17 Nov 2018

Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

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