Asia Society Australia's annual executive forum taking the pulse of Asia and Australia's engagement with the region.
Asia Briefing LIVE Special Edition | Plus: White Australia re-examined and the PM’s regional tour
By Dermot O’Gorman, Chief Executive Officer, World Wide Fund for Nature Australia

The Pacific cannot afford to wait for Australia’s domestic politics to align in its favour. It needs consistent and concerted support from its neighbours.
By Jane Golley, Director, Australian Centre on China in the World & James Laurenceson, Acting director, Australia-China Relations Institute

Nowhere is calibrating an effective Australian response more important than in the Pacific.
By Say Boon Lim, Australian-based consultant, advisor and non-executive director to companies in Asia

Australia has to stand up for its broader interests, notwithstanding possible economic blowback.
By Jason Yat-sen Li, Chairman, Vantage Asia Holdings; Senate Fellow, University of Sydney; Advisory Board Member, China Matters

When does a new migrant stop being Chinese and start being Australian?
By Greg Austin, Professor of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy, Australian Defence Force Academy

In spite of its undoubted cyber offensive capability for espionage, China is weak in defence in this domain.​​​​​​​
By Brendan Sargeant, Honorary Professor, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU

It is important Australia and China understand each other, their perspectives on the world and how this translates into strategy and operational practice.
The continuing collection of Briefing MONTHLY and Asia Briefing LIVE animations by Rocco Fazzari.
Women in Asia | Trade wars | BRI: good for thinktanks

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