Boardroom Luncheon with Simon Gaplin, Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong (Invest HK)


There is no doubt that China is the centre of the world's economic attention at the moment.

However, what is not discussed nor promoted as much as it should be is the role that Hong Kong has played, and currently plays, in China's economic ascent. With New Zealand being the first developed economy to successfully negotiate both a free trade agreement with China and a closer economic partnership with Hong Kong, the opportunities for New Zealand companies to access these markets are endless.

Hong Kong's unique location at the crossroads of global trade cements its status as an international business and financial centre and provides links to the Mainland which are unparalleled. As the Head for the Hong Kong SAR Government's investment attraction department, Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), Simon Galpin's role is to promote these benefits to foreign companies.

At this event, Simon will provide an update on Hong Kong's economy and the key sectors for growth, what advantages the CEP and the FTA has for New Zealand companies and how his department can help you access these markets.

Simon Galpin is the Director-General of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), the Government Department responsible for attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment into Hong Kong.

Galpin joined InvestHK as Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion in 2001, soon after the establishment of the Department. His contribution in shaping the strategy and business planning process has helped establish InvestHK as one of the world's leading investment promotion agencies.

Having accumulated solid management experience across the Department's main investment promotion sectors, Galpin was also heavily involved in the development of its global network, establishing overseas representation in the Americas, Southeast Asia and Japan, India, and the Middle East.

With senior management experience in both the private and public sectors, Galpin's work experience combines international marketing, economic development, and investment promotion. Prior to joining InvestHK, Galpin spent 10 years as the Head of Asia Pacific with Scottish Enterprise—at that time Europe's largest economic development agency. He was initially posted to Hong Kong in 1992 but also worked in Glasgow, Taipei, Sydney, and London.

Galpin holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Sheffield University Management School, a Master of Science degree from the University of Glasgow, and a Master of Law (International Business Law) degree from the University of London.

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Wed 06 Oct 2010
8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
TBC Melbourne
Member event; invitation-only.
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