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Step-by-Step Timeline

The Step-by-Step Timeline is divided into three distinct phases of the life cycle of an infrastructure project: pre-project planning, project implementation, and project operations. Steps within the Step-by-Step Timeline may last for a finite period within one of these phases or may extend throughout the project life cycle.

On a mobile device, you can swipe left and right to switch between phases. To see all of the differing steps, you can either tap the arrows in the Start box or select each blue and green line. Tapping View More will direct you to the corresponding Checklist.

On a computer, you can click on each blue and green line to see the name of that step. Clicking View More will direct you to the corresponding Checklist.

The processes for Stakeholder Engagement and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) occur simultaneously and are closely linked. You may turn off the blue toggle or the green toggle to view the steps in either process separately. Turning on both toggles will allow you to view the two processes at the same time.