Our Distinctive Approach

The Asia Society Policy Institute’s efforts to advance international cooperation and effective policymaking for Asia are marked by three features that few, if any, other think tanks and policy organizations can match.

Convening for understanding – The greatest challenges and opportunities for Asia and the world can only be solved through collaboration across traditional sector boundaries. We bring together government officials, business executives, civil society leaders, social entrepreneurs, academics, and experts in other fields to carry out initiatives that address the multiple facets of complex problems.

Engagement across Asia – Asia’s remarkably diverse societies are affected by (and influence) regional and global challenges in particular ways. ASPI brings together representatives from multiple Asian countries to work together on policy projects, to develop solutions that can serve multiple interests and create value for many stakeholders.

Expertise from an extensive network – ASPI taps into the world-class knowledge and experience of our Honorary and Advisory Councils, as well as Asia Society’s Global Council, to study and address policy questions. This approach lets ASPI gather and integrate practical intelligence from specialists who are familiar with current conditions and attuned to emerging trends in different fields.

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  • The Asia Society Policy Institute concentrates its work in three thematic areas: business and trade, regional security, and sustainability challenges.
  • The Asia Society Policy Institute benefits from the experience and insight of its Honorary Council and Advisory Council, as well as Asia Society's Global Council.