Institutional Independence Policy 

· The Asia Society Policy Institute (“ASPI”) has exclusive control over the content, conclusions, and management of all ASPI’s projects and programs. 

· ASPI will not allow limitations or conditions to be placed by donors that compromise the independence of ASPI’s research, projects, programs, products, or speaker selection.

· ASPI will protect its nonpartisan nature, editorial independence, and intellectual integrity by ensuring that financial contributors or prospective funders may not dictate or impose any requirements on the selection, contents, or conclusions of ASPI’s research, projects, programs, products, or speakers.

· Specifically, financial support to ASPI does not confer any right to shape, review, or revise the work being funded. ASPI commits to appropriate transparency with financial supporters regarding progress of work being funded.

· ASPI will review all prospective sources of financial support prior to receiving funds and will not accept anonymous donations.

· In the case of government direct or derived funding, an internal ASPI committee will review the terms of the proposal and make a determination regarding propriety and reputational risks on a case-by-case basis.

· ASPI will not act at the request, direction, or control of any government, conforming to the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act.

· ASPI employees will avoid conflicts of interest in their work for ASPI.

· ASPI will make this Institutional Independence Policy explicit in all agreements or contracts with funders.