This page features podcasts on Asia-Pacific policy issues that are produced by ASPI, as well as Asia Society and external podcasts featuring ASPI staff and experts. 

Danny Russel discusses U.S.-China relations, the anniversary of Tiananmen, North Korea, and more on Pod Save the World.
On the eve of India's election, Daniel Russel spoke to S. Jaishankar, India's former foreign secretary, about the Modi government's foreign policy.
Lindsey Ford, Laura Rosenberger, and Anna Fifield talk about the importance of diversity and gender equality in Asia-Pacific policy discussions.
Wendy Cutler discusses challenges to a new international economic order.
Kevin Rudd joined "What Could Go Right?" podcast to discuss the future of U.S.-China relations and global order.
Daniel Russel speaks to Hong Kong legislator Dennis Kwok about how a possible trade war will affect the Chinese territory.
Anubhav Gupta speaks to James Crabtree, author of a new book on India's super-rich, on how the affluent may influence India's economic trajectory.
Kevin Rudd says Trump and Xi Jinping are leading their countries away from the 40-year-old policies that both countries have followed.
Kevin Rudd talks to the Sinica Podcast about how Xi Jinping constructs his worldview and elaborates on the extent to which the Chinese government’s worldview has changed, the current direction of that worldview, and how much of that can be traced to Xi.
ASPI VP Danny Russel on the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Internet freedom; China’s “illiberal turn”; espionage and intellectual property theft; the AIIB; and the current state of the U.S.-China relationship.
In this conversation with Jonathan Landreth, Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd discusses the implications of China's internet operating apart from the rest of the world.
Daniel Russel and Wendy Sherman explain how North Korea walked away as the big winner in Tuesday's summit with President Trump in Singapore.

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