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Laws, Policies, & Guidelines

Sinohydro Good Governance Policy

Scope of Application

Guidelines for Sinohydro staff.


Offers ethical principles to govern Sinohydro activities and guidance for day-to-day operations.

General Key Points

Sinohydro should:

  • Abide by host countries’ laws and regulations.
    • Assess the adequacy of host country laws compared to Sinohydro standards.
Key Points on Stakeholder Engagement

Sinohydro should: 

  • Ensure that employment terms and conditions comply with internal policies, international conventions, and local legal requirements. 
  • Implement systems and/or processes to create awareness of potential risks of bribery and corruption.
Key Points on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Sinohydro should:

  • Identify, assess, and manage health, safety, environmental, and community (HSEC) risks associated with suppliers and partners. 
Applies to
Sinohydro Corporation Ltd
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