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Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese International Contractors (SIG)

Scope of Application

Guidelines for contractors operating overseas.


Offers standards to guide sustainable development throughout the life cycle of an infrastructure project.

General Key Points

Contractors should: 

  • Account for local laws and market needs.
  • Observe local laws and regulations on occupational health management.
  • Observe local environmental laws and regulations.
Key Points on Stakeholder Engagement

Contractors should: 

  • Safeguard stakeholders' rights and interests by communicating potential impacts.
  • In the design phase, consider the relevance of each project to local employment; living and working conditions; and the fulfillment of residents’ needs, living environment, and lifestyle. 
  • In the design phase, encourage public participation, collect residents’ views through communication with community representatives, and make improvements accordingly. 
  • Promote local living standards and community sustainability.
  • Strengthen preservation of cultural heritage and natural scenery. 
  • Observe relevant employment and labor laws, recruit and hire more local workers, strengthen localized management, and prevent racial discrimination
  • Safeguard workers’ rights and interests.
    • Provide safe working conditions.
Key Points on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Contractors should: 

  • Evaluate risks and prevent emergencies.
    • Mitigate adverse social impacts.
  • Issue or authorize a qualified institution to issue a project feasibility report that should include an environmental and social risk analysis and risk avoidance measures.
  • Assess the implications of projects for local employment, living standards, and community development.
  • Issue an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report for each project.
    • File EIA reports for approval with the local environmental authorities in accordance with local laws and regulations.
Applies to
June 2017
China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) and Dagong Global Credit Rating
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