2018 National Chinese Language Conference

From Classrooms to Careers

SALT LAKE CITY, May 30, 2018 – More than 1,300 educators from around the world convened in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the 11th annual National Chinese Language Conference. The three-day conference was hosted by Asia Society and the College Board, and in cooperation with Hanban, from May 17–19, 2018. Over the course of three days, educators participated in more than 100 workshops and presentations, visited schools across the Salt Lake City metro region, and enjoyed engaging plenary sessions and performances.

The conference's theme, "From Classrooms to Careers," examined how learning Chinese can be a large part of helping students find success in their future careers—but that it cannot be taught in a vacuum. The conference's third plenary session tackled this topic, discussing why learning Chinese is not enough—students must also be expert in another field, able to carry themselves in that field in Mandarin.

The conference celebrated the progress the U.S. has made in the development of Mandarin immersion programs and highlighted Utah's key role in that effort. Further, it explored how Chinese language programs are shaping a new generation of American youth who are ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of a dynamic and global economy.

Key figures in government, education, and U.S.-China relations spoke at the conference, including:

  • Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah;
  • Howard Stephenson, Utah State Senator;
  • Tony Jackson, Vice President of Education and Director of the Center for Global Education at Asia Society;
  • Linda Liu, Vice President, International, The College Board;
  • Zhao Guocheng, Executive Deputy Director-General at Hanban;
  • John Holden, CEO of the U.S.-China Strong Foundation; and
  • Stacy Lyon, Utah Chinese Dual Language Immersion Director at Utah State Office of Education.

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  • At a time when communication between Chinese and Americans is more important than ever, nearly 1,300 educators coming from across the U.S. and the globe got a warm Utah welcome at the 11th annual National Chinese Language Conference.
  • It turns out that speaking Chinese is no longer all it takes to get ahead in a world of increased engagement between the United States and China.
  • Utah is a leader in Chinese language education in the U.S., with 11,000 students in Chinese dual language immersion programs at 55 schools and 10 more coming next year.
  • Educators bringing Chinese language instruction to Brazil, Canada, England, France, and Singapore compared their experiences—both tough and hopeful.

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