Q & A: Crossing the Line, and Looking Back from the Other Side

Simon Cockerell of Koryo Tours at the post-screening discussion at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on June 3, 2012. (Asia Society Hong Kong Center)

HONG KONG, June 3, 2012 — Daniel Gordon's 2006 documentary Crossing the Line presents the recollections of four Americans who defected to North Korea in the 1960s and recounts their lives thereafter in the communist country. After a screening of the film as part of Asia Society Hong Kong's Summer Film Series 2012, Simon Cockerell, a researcher on the film, offered further insights into some of the film's four central figures and discussed the politics of North Korea.

Cockerell currently runs a tour agency that hosts trips from Beijing to North Korea, and had worked on two other movies about the secretive state, The Game of Their Lives and The State of Mind, prior to Crossing the Line.

Video: Watch the complete program (30 min., 43 sec.)