Opening Ceremony of Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong

HONG KONG, March 10, 2017 - Asia Society Hong Kong Center unveiled Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong on March 10, with over 150 guests attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition continues to celebrate the fifth anniversary of ASHK at the Former Explosives Magazine compound this year with free admission charge.

Breathing Space presents 11 local artists whose works look at the pressure of living in this city and make room for us to pause, reflect, respond and possibly challenge the world around us. Their works engage with urban experience, current affairs, and shared and personal history in a range of medium from painting to sculpture, video to mixed media installation. The exhibition features existing artworks at the Chantal Miller Gallery, along with newly commissioned pieces displayed around the outdoor areas around the site from now until July 9, 2017.

This exhibition is made possible by KPMG, Hallam Chow and H2 Foundation for Arts and Education, Wellington and Virginia Yee, and Edouard Malingue Gallery.

The participating artists are: Chilai Howard, Chloë Cheuk, Cheuk Wing Nam, Enoch Cheung, South Ho, Vaan Ip, Ko Sin Tung, Andio Lai, Siu Wai Hang, Adrian Wong and Magdalen Wong, and the exhibition is led by curator Dominique Chan with Joyce Hei-ting Wong and Ashley Nga-sai Wu as assistant curators.