Yin Yoga & Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 陰瑜伽及瑜伽按摩




A gentle and relaxing class for people who wish to refresh their body and mind, and learn partner yoga massage technique to apply in everyday living. 

Yin Yoga originated in the late 1970s and was created by Paul Grilley. It combines the Chinese Taoist yin and yang philosophy with Western anatomy knowledge, with the aims to promote harmony and health of the mind and body, as well as to accept and appreciate individual uniqueness. Combined with Ayurvedic yoga massage, which involves deep tissue massage and assisted yoga stretch, participants are expected to leave the class with a light-cheerful heart plus a comfortable body. 

The practice will include: breathing exercise, yin yoga stretch, partner assisted yoga stretch, partner yoga massage, relaxation. 

Amy Chan is a yoga teacher, counselling psychologist, and artist. She is loved by her students for her yin yoga and ayuverdic yoga massage class which is soul soothing, nourishing and functional. She has been invited to share yoga, art and psychology in local newspapers and magazines, and had also been a guest teacher/ speaker at the Conscious Festival Hong Kong (2018), International Yoga Day (2017, 2018), Asian Television (ATV) kid’s yoga program. Amy is a Reiki Therapist and clinical hypnotherapist too. 

身兼瑜伽導師、輔導心理學家及藝術家,Amy 的瑜伽融合了她豐富的學識和溫柔甜美個性。她的陰瑜伽-瑜伽按摩課深受同學歡迎,被形容為能安撫及滋潤身心,技巧又實用。她常獲邀在報章雜誌上分享瑜伽、藝術及心理學,亦曾獲邀於Conscious Festival HK 2018 by Green is the Next Black、國際瑜伽日–香港(2017, 2018)、亞洲電視兒童瑜伽節目上擔任嘉賓講師/ 講者。此外,Amy也是Reiki治療師及臨床催眠治療師。

Event Details

Sun 23 Jun 2019
1:45 - 2:45 p.m.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center (Lee Quo Wei Room), 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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HK$20 per session; Online registration required
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