Chen Yuming: China-Australia Cooperation

SYDNEY, August 1, 2013 – The Chinese Ambassador H.E. Mr Chen Yuming, in his farewell reception jointly hosted by the Asia Society, Australia China Council and ACBC, highlighted impressive achievements in diplomatic ties and bilateral trade between Australia and China and called for a pursuit of a win-win outcome for both countries.

Mr Chen noted increasing mutual visits between the leaders of the two countries, promotion of culture exchanges, ever-increasing bilateral trade and the successful establishment of strategic partnership between Australia and China earlier this year.

Mr Chen stressed the importance of mutual trust in facilitating closer and better bilateral ties, reiterated that “the interests of China and Australia are closely intertwined and strategic cooperation is practical and comprehensive” and pointed out that “The two countries have every reason to take advantage of each other’s plan of development for new prosperity of their own’.

Whilst noting that China’s economic reform may be painful, it is also necessary for the healthy and steady development of Sino-Australian trade and investment cooperation. As interdependence between the two countries grow, Mr Chen urged Australia “to make itself better known to the 1.3 billion Chinese people”.

Although the road ahead will not be “free of obstacles” but Mr Chen is confident that Australia and China can join hands to build “a peaceful, stable and prosperous Asia-Pacific”. 

The reception was generously sponsored by ANZ.

Reported by Angela Yang.

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