Barry O'Farrell: New South Wales and Its Rightful Place in Asia

Barry O'Farrell MP, Leader of the New South Wales Liberals, in Sydney on Feb. 14, 2011.

SYDNEY, February 14, 2011 - Australia's proximity to Asia will shape its identity and destiny in the 21st century, Barry O’Farrell MP, told 300 guests at an Asialink and Asia Society business lunch in Sydney.

"It's no longer the tyranny of distance, but the power of proximity," he said.

O'Farrell, the Leader of the New South Wales Liberals, was speaking ahead of the NSW State election later in February. He told his audience that this was a "century of change"—"... and while geography and luck are in our favor, they won't be enough."

Watch an excerpt from Barry O'Farrell's speech (4 min., 5 sec.):


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