The ABC in the Asia-Pacific

Hon James Spigelman AC QC, Chairman, ABC with Hon Warwick Smith AM, Chairman, Asia Society Australia

SYDNEY, 8 December 2014 

Addressing a boardroom lunch for corporate members, the Hon James Spigelman AC QC, Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) spoke on the impact of funding cuts on the ABC’s coverage of the Asia Pacific and how they have marshalled their resources to continue to perform this important Charter obligation to provide digital media services to both Australian expatriates and international audiences.  He noted that “this loss is not just a loss of Australian engagement and influence in the Asia-Pacific region, although it is that.  It is also a substantial loss of information about the region for all Australians.” He then outlined the new ABC capability around the  rebranded ABC international and digital profile Australia Plus television and digital service. 

The speech is reproduced in full here [PDF].

The boardroom luncheon briefing was generously sponsored by PwC.