About Asia 21

From a Dream to a Movement

What is Asia 21?

More than a decade ago, Asia Society had a dream: To build a network of young leaders (under the age of 40) across the Asia-Pacific as a way to promote mutual understanding and effective collaboration among the next generation’s most important and influential leaders. A decade later, we have built a movement of more than 900 powerful alumni from 40 countries and regions. Today, the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative stands as the Asia-Pacific’s foremost young leaders network.

Asia 21 crosses geographic and sectoral boundaries. It convenes young leaders for discussions and collaboration and unleashes them to continue working across boundaries to maximum impact. Local Asia 21 chapters have sprouted in some of the toughest parts of Asia, where people are anxious for the connections and counsel that the Asia 21 network has provided. The result is an incredibly active and vibrant community of young people dedicated to values-based leadership and to changing the world. Not surprisingly, many of the Asia 21 Young Leaders, especially those who joined the network in the earlier years, are today recognized as leading figures in politics, business, arts, media, and the non-profit sector.

What makes Asia 21 different?

Asia 21 is the only network of young leaders focused on shaping a brighter future for the Asia-Pacific region. We are laying the groundwork for a robust Asia-Pacific community capable of tackling the most vexing challenges facing the region—one leader, one connection, one project at a time.


For more information about Asia 21 and how you can support the Asia 21 Initiative, please contact: Asia21@asiasociety.org

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