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Sinohydro Statement of Ethical Principles

Scope of Application

Guidelines for Sinohydro staff.


Offers ethical principles to govern Sinohydro operations.

General Key Points

Sinohydro should: 

  • Make a lasting positive impact in project host countries. 
Key Points on Stakeholder Engagement

Sinohydro should: 

  • Extend the company’s ethical commitments to its dealings with customers, subcontractors, suppliers, representatives, and government officials. 
  • Support underprivileged populations in project areas.
    • Provide access to health, education, and integration for these people.
  • Commit to open dialogue with all stakeholders, including company owners, local partners, the public, government institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs)/nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and local associations, to mitigate disturbances. 
  • Comply with local cultural and community practices. 
  • Recruit and train local workers by promoting their professional development.
  • Treat all workers equally. 
  • Not engage in fraud, deception, or falsification of records, bidding documents, or other materials. 
  • Be committed to the health and safety (H&S) of workers and others who may be affected.
    • Report hazardous situations or incidents they may witness.
    • Implement preventive measures.
    • Adhere to internal safety guidelines.
Key Points on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Sinohydro should: 

  • Limit impacts on the environment. 
  • Preserve biodiversity and affected ecosystems, protect World Heritage areas.
    • Restore disturbed areas in a timely manner. 
Applies to
Sinohydro Corporation Ltd
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