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Laws, Policies, & Guidelines

Regulations on the Approval Procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (Forms) of Construction Projects

Scope of Application

Measures for developers, contractors, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) to prepare and review environmental impact assessments (EIAs).


Offers measures to standardize and enhance the examination and approval procedures for EIA reports, enhance environmental protection, and prevent pollution.

Key Points on Stakeholder Engagement

MEE should:

  • Disclose relevant information to the public.
    • Inform relevant parties that they have the right to request a hearing before accepting the EIA report.


Developers and Contractors should:

  • Disclose the report, information about public participation, and formal methods or channels for the public to submit comments after MEE accepts the EIA report.
Key Points on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Developers and Contractors should:

  • Submit an application for the EIA report, the actual report, and information about public participation to the MEE for approval before beginning construction for each project.
  • Submit an updated EIA report before making major changes to the scale, potential impact, or proposed pollution prevention measures of each project once implementation begins. 


MEE should:

  • Examine EIA reports by using the following criteria, including whether:
    • The project and its site selection, layout, and scale comply with laws and regulations on environmental protection and resource utilization.
    • The environmental quality of the project site meets zoning and pollutant discharge control requirements and regional environmental quality improvement targets.
    • Pollution control measures could be adopted to meet national and local standards.
    • Effective preventive measures have been proposed.
    • The quality and content of the EIA report meets other requirements.