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Notice on Further Strengthening the Disclosure of Environmental Protection Information

Scope of Application

Measures for Chinese environmental protection departments, relevant ministries and agencies, developers, and contractors seeking government verification.


Offers specific measures to improve environmental information disclosure.

General Key Points

Chinese Environmental Protection Departments should: 

  • Strengthen the disclosure of the following information:
    • Industry environmental protection verification information rules, regulations, and results, including verification procedures and methods, time requirements, reporting methods, and contact information.
    • Verification work information, including acceptance time, progress, and verification conclusions. 
  • Disclose approval procedures, standards, conditions, time limits, and results.
  • Disclose information on major environmental emergencies.
  • Improve environmental information disclosure.
Key Points on Stakeholder Engagement

Companies should:

  • Disclose basic information for environmental protection verification, including the company name, industry, location, production, and other details about environmental protection. 
Key Points on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Chinese Environmental Protection Departments should: 

  • Disclose environmental impact assessment (EIA) information, including the following materials:
    • EIA acceptance documents.
    • An abbreviated version and approved results.
    • The environmental protection acceptance results of completed construction projects.
  • Publish the simplified environmental impact report online as soon as EIA documents are accepted.
  • Disclose assessment methods, indicators, results, and other information pertaining to the establishment of national environmental protection model cities and national ecological construction demonstration zones.
  • Release environmental quality information to the public and promote the disclosure of air and water quality information.
  • Publish the list of illegally polluting developers and contractors. 
  • Publish the "List of National Key Monitoring Enterprises." 
Applies to
October 2012
Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) (now Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE))
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