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The Next Generation of China’s Entrepreneurs

Hi-Tech Park, Shenzhen City, China
Hi-Tech Park, Shenzhen City, China. (dcmaster/Flickr)

China’s economy is changing fast, and the story goes far beyond growth rates and an expanding middle class. The hottest developments in the economy are increasingly driven by the country’s young and innovative entrepreneurs. Dominated in the past by large, state-owned enterprises and manufacturing industries dependent on low wages and cheap raw materials, China’s economy is quickly shifting up the product cycle, driven by dynamic, internationally minded private-sector entrepreneurs. These emerging business leaders are moving into information technology, biotech, high-end services, and other advanced sectors. Their companies are active in international markets, engaging in sophisticated R&D, generating their intellectual property, and reshaping the face of capitalism in China.

Join Asia Society Northern California for a special evening of discussion and networking with more than 50 of China’s most promising young entrepreneurs who are visiting the United States as a part of an alumni delegation from China’s top business school, the Chinese European International Business School. Come hear stories of success, challenge, and lessons learned from several of these emerging Chinese entrepreneurs, who will speak alongside leading U.S. business leaders with deep interest in China. Folllowing the discussion, a catered reception will be provided where guests can meet and network with the delegation.

Speakers include Zhao Hao, CEO, Shanghai Bandweaver Technologies (SBT); Ren Xin, Co-Founder, Hotelvp Corporation, a mobile application selling discounted hotel rooms; Jiang Yuan, CEO, PNC Process Systems Co., Ltd., provider of components for semi-conductors, micro-electronics, photovoltaics, biotech, and pharmaceuticals; Jack Wadsworth, Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley; and William H. Draper III, General Partner, Draper Richards.

Promotional Co-sponsors: Asia Business Club at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Asian America MultiTechnology Association, AsianWeek, Bay Area Council, BayHelix, btrax, China America Innovation Network (CHAIN), Chinese Enterprise Association, ChinaSF, Hua Yuan Science & Technology Association (HYSTA), InnoSpring, Japan Policy Research Institute, Master of Asia Pacific Studies Program at USF Center for the Pacific Rim, Silicon Dragon

Program Agenda

5:30-6:00: Registration

6:00-7:30: Panel discussion/Audience Q&A

7:30: Reception and networking


Event Details

Wed 23 Jan 2013
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Bechtel Conference Room, 500 Washington Street, San Francisco

$10 for Asia Society/Co-sponsor members/students; $15 for non-members