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Executive Associate - Job Description

The Asia Society Northern California Center is seeking an Executive Associate to support a fast-paced, growing and dynamic team. The Center connects the San Francisco Bay Area’s diverse local community with a wide network of global leaders and visionaries in the fields of policy, business, arts & culture, education, and technology/innovation.




Asia Society Northern California Internship Program

ASNC Fall Interns 2019
Class of Fall 2019
ASNC Interns
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Class of 2018
Class of 2018

Are you the next international relations superstar? If so, you’re going to need the skills and relevant work experience to get your foot in the door of your first job. We take great pride in nurturing the up‐and‐coming stars of tomorrow. Through our hands‐on, year‐round internship program, students compete for a unique opportunity to work alongside a dynamic and innovative team that develops global programs to help support Asia Society’s organizational growth, membership retention, and expansion in Northern California.

What our Interns are saying:

  • I have learned a lot during my time here at Asia Society Northern California. I was able to assist in many steps of event planning, as well as to learn from all departments in the organization. That helped me gain office experience, to be part of great events, and to meet amazing people. Here at ASNC, they welcomed me and were always willing to help with any doubts and projects. One of the things that I appreciated the most was the friendly environment that enabled me and everyone to reach out to one another. The skills that I developed during this internship - like how to manage website contents, tools such as Salesforce, and events planning - will be of great value for the next step of my career.
    - Miriam Ahn, Fall 2019 Intern
  • It's been a rewarding four months as a Program and Development Intern at Asia Society Northern California (ASNC). I really appreciate everyone’s willingness and confidence to let me explore all of the departments within the organization. I was able to attend board meetings, organize fundraising events, collaborate with staff on foreign policy, write website content, and more. ASNC really allowed me to see how a nonprofit works from the ground up and I have gained skills in campaign research, writing social media content, and event planning. I can confidently say I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have these past four months without everyone’s guidance. I’ll especially miss our Monday brainstorming sessions—they made coming into work after a weekend that much more enjoyable! And I’m so grateful for the experience of events - especially the Groundbreaker Roundtable with Huawei, The Hon. Kevin Rudd's speech on the U.S.-China Trade War, and the 2019 Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit.
    - Xiaoyuan Liu, Fall 2019 Intern
  • Becoming an intern for the Asia Society was a bit unexpected for me-I had heard of the opportunity from a friend who had done it, and hurried to apply quickly before the deadline. The Asia Society surpassed all my narrow preconceptions and has been tremendously eye-opening: I have attended acrimonious conferences on Chinese IP infringement, abstract art exhibitions featuring leading young Asian artists, and film screenings done by innovative Asian-American directors. Moreover, it has allowed me to refine my research skills and learn new technical ones to help the Society in its mission to build greater ties between Asia and the US. Now I am even more motivated to travel to places like Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan! 
    - Geraint Hughes, Spring 2019 Intern

  • In the blink of an eye, I had been with the Asia Society for nearly three months. During this internship, I not only acquired knowledge of U.S.-Asia policy and business, but also made excellent friends. I've learned many skills that I did not have before including data entry, program management, and development skills.  For me, working at Asia Society was not only an internship, but also an opportunity for me to learn and grow. This internship helped me complete the transition from student to employee in the context of American culture.
    Jiamei Guo, Spring 2019 Intern
  • Interning at Asia Society provided me with an opportunity to delve deeper into my area of interest, Sustainability, while at the same time broadening my understanding of the culture and current affairs in Asia on the whole. Through working in the office, I gained insight as to how to conduct research, organize meetings, plan events, and record and analyze data. Asia Society hosts speakers who are experts or leading pioneers in their respective fields. Volunteering at these talks is a great learning and networking experience. 
    Summer 2018 Intern


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