Thailand, the Land of the Free, and its International Peacekeeping Efforts

H.E. Kulkumut Singhara Na Ayudhaya

SEOUL, October 29, 2014 - The Asia Society Korea Center continued its 2014 Monthly Luncheon Series in October with guest speaker Ambassador H.E. Kulkumut Singhara Na Ayudhaya of the Royal Thai Embassy talking about “Thailand, the Land of the Free, and its International Peacekeeping Efforts.” The talk focused on Thailand and its continuing efforts and contributions to international peace and security while also talking about Thailand’s politics, economy, society and culture. The event also gave the Ambassador the opportunity to share more about the peacekeeping roles that Thailand engages in at the international level. In attendance to the event were members from the diplomatic and business community, Asia Society members, students and press.

The first part of the lecture explained about politics, economics and society, the three attributes of Thailand that are the driving forces for the country to continue going forward and enhancing its role at the international level, especially with the contributions to international peace and security. The Ambassador highlighted how politically, despite intermittent challenges, Thai society has remained stable thanks to the enduring presence and pacifying role of the Monarchy and the country’s firm commitment to democratization. The Ambassador then went on to explain how from an economic aspect, Thailand has a dynamic free market economy – one that is open, market-based, private-sector led and integrated into the global economy. Finally, in social and cultural aspects, Thailand is a society living in harmony amidst diversity.

These three aspects allow Thailand to become a highly active country in preserving international peace and security. It was explained how Thailand fully supports the UN’s core responsibility in maintaining international peace and security around the world through the UN peace operations. Since 1950, Thailand has sent over 20,000 Thai military and police personnel to serve in over 20 UN peacekeeping and related missions worldwide, including in Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon and Sudan. Thailand is also a founding member and the birthplace of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) in 1967. Through the ASEAN Community to be established in 2015, Thailand aims to promote enhanced regional cooperation for peace and stability and for preventive diplomacy.

The Ambassador summarized his presentation by saying how Thailand has always been ready to play an active role and to make great contributions to international peace and security regardless of what is happening at home since Thailand is well-rooted with the universal values needed for enhancing peace and security.