Pakistan and the Regional Security Environment

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Korea, H.E. Murad Ali Mukadam, speaking in Seoul on May 25, 2010. (Asia Society Korea Center)

SEOUL, May 25, 2010 - Pakistan’s Ambassador to Korea, H.E. Murad Ali Mukadam, gave a talk to Asia Society Korea Center on "Pakistan and the Security Environment in the Region,” focusing on his country's security status in the region and its relations with neighboring nations.

To start, Mukadam briefed the crowd on the history of South Asia and addressed the significance of Pakistan to help his listeners better understand the region’s affairs. In particular, he pointed out that Pakistan has been embroiled in three wars with neighboring India over the still-unsettled status of Kashmir, and Pakistan has been drawing the attention of the international community to the festering issue and demanding implementation of UN resolutions.

The Ambassador mentioned the other neighbor Afghanistan, which has endured a traumatic Soviet occupation and Taliban rule in the past two decades, but now has the democratic government of President Karzai. He argued that Pakistan strongly supports the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, adding that Pakistan’s peace and stability are inextricably linked with peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Towards the end of his address, Mukadam stressed that terrorism is a scourge for humanity, and the threat of terrorism transcends national borders, requiring a coordinated and cooperative approach from all states. That means Pakistan won’t abandon the fight against terrorism and backs continuing actions to combat it by the UN taking the lead role. He emphasized how committed Pakistan is against terrorism and how much international support against terrorism—including help from Korea—is appreciated.

Most importantly, according to Mukadam, there is a need to ensure that the fight against terrorism does not turn into a clash between the West and the world of Islam. Pakistan rejects the canard of so-called “Islamic terrorism,” which in reality has no faith and will not allow its territory to be used against either its neighbors or any member of the international community.