Sur Sangam: A Raga Evening with Piano and Tabla

Mr. and Mrs Robert W. Miller and Asia Society Hong Kong Center present 'The Rising Stars of Asia' — Winter Performance

HONG KONG, December 8, 2012 — Dating back centuries, with extraordinarily elaborate rules and systems to govern pitch, rhythm and structure, Indian classical music is one of the most ancient classical traditions on earth, and at the very heart and soul of Indian music is the raga. For the uninitiated, Indian classical music ranges from slow and meditative to pulsing and ecstatic. The music is improvisational, with great range and variety in tempo and emotion that showcases a strong focus on melody and rhythm. With a unique intricacy and rhythmic sophistication, all ragas are performed to an identified rhythmic cycle or tala which can range from a three-beat to 108 beats within a cycle.


  1. Enchanting Void: Solo tabla by Samir Chatterjee
  2. Raga Bihag: Solo piano by Utsav Lal
  3. Raga Bihag: Piano and tabla by Samir Chatterjee and Utsav Lal

The concert is followed by a discussion with Chatterjee and Lal, moderated by Jonathan Douglas, Radio Television Hong Kong, Radio 4.

Video: Watch the complete program (2 hrs., 4 min.)