Once in a Life – Encounters with Nara 《一期一會:奈良美智》

Title (English): Once in a Life – Encounters with Nara
Title (Chinese): 一期一會:奈良美智
ISBN: 978-988-12272-5-6
Size: 240mm x 180mm portrait
Price: HKD$400
Binding: Section sewn in 16, case-in square back, H&T band, jacketed
Publisher: Asia Society Hong Kong Center


Synopsis: Yoshitomo Nara is recognized as one of the most influential artists of the day. His works are very accessible, so much so that at times we do not look hard enough because we feel we understand them already. But how much do we really know about his angry, yet cute looking little girls? How is it that we all feel we recognize the emotions being portrayed? What makes his art so relevant to such a wide range of viewers?

Following from Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s preceding exhibition, Life is Only One: Yoshitomo Nara, this publication is not only a compilation of the works in the exhibition, but also an extension with the inclusion of other works and essays that present the artist and his art from his life experiences and memories. Extra thoughts into his inspirations are offered by looking at his childhood, his time in Germany, his love for music, and the aftermath of the 2011 Earthquake. Like small pieces of a puzzle, they piece together little-known stories about the artist and above all his thoughts on life.