The Movers & Shakers Awards

What is it?

After each Fireside Chat, participating students will be invited to submit a report representing their reflection on the workshop and its topic. The report can be in the form of:

  • a 500-word essay; or
  • a video (mp4) or audio (mp3) essay of no more than three minutes in length; or
  • a presentation of no more than five pages (pdf format)

Students will receive a $50 Starbucks coupon upon submission of their essays or presentations to the competition. 

Winners & Benefits

Up to the eight most outstanding submissions will be selected at the end of the program year as winners of The Movers & Shakers Awards.  Winners will be announced at the Graduation Celebration.  The winning submissions will be published in the graduation program or shown at the celebration event. 

Additionally, winners will receive the following benefits:

  • Complimentary one-year family membership to the Asia Society Hong Kong Center (Cash value $2,500 of up to three members in the same family.)
  • Invitation to private group lunch or dinner with a selected thought leader after the program year
  • Opportunity to apply for internship opportunities (as available)
  • Invitation to become steering committee for the subsequent year’s program (subject to the continuation of the Movers & Shakers Program.)
  • Invitation to two or more thought leadership programs at Asia Society Hong Kong Center after the program year