Former Interns Sharing


TSUI Jiho Daniel

TSUI Jiho Daniel

July - September 2018
External Affairs
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


People here are very kind and supportive. My supervisor always does not hesitate to offer help. It was also an invaluable opportunity for me to work and interact with people of different nationalities. Moreover, it was a unique experience to work in a revitalized heritage.

WONG Yik Ho Boris

WONG Yik Ho Boris

August 2018
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Working for ASHK’s membership department has been a rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoyed both working with and getting to know my colleagues, who warmly accepted me into their workplace family ever since my first day. Throughout the internship, I felt that my contributions were always recognized and I was constantly showered with mentorship and appreciation. 


LEE Sze Wing Samantha

July- August 2018
Gallery & Exhibition
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

I have really enjoyed my time working at ASHK. Not only have I been able to witness how a gallery functions, I have also been lucky enough to have lots of hands-on experience in terms of the installation and de-installation period. I have now gained a much deeper appreciation and understanding for the curatorial process.


CHUNG Hei Tung Claudia

July- August 2018
Strategic Development
Columbia University


Not only have I learned more about how NGOs operate in general, but I have also learned the art of writing more persuasively and other soft skills that will carry me throughout the rest of my career and life. My team has been extremely warm and welcoming to me, and I’m extremely thankful for this valuable learning experience.


YAN Man Sum Eunice

July- August 2018
Gallery and Exhibition
The University of Hong Kong


My internship with the Gallery team is way more than fruitful. I enjoyed so much assisting the team on curating exhibitions. My supervisor has provided me with invaluable guidance and advice throughout the internship. It is definitely a precious experience for me to delve into art curatorial works!


LAM Suet Ying Sherlyn

June - August 2018
Programs (Arts & Culture)
The Education University of Hong Kong

I appreciate that I get the chance to try different kinds of tasks, such as writing proposals, doing research on the local arts industry, assisting at the events, and writing flyers of the programs. These hands-on experiences better equip me for my future careers. I am also thankful for having nice supervisors, colleagues and other intern peers here.


CHAN Shing Yeuk Daniel

June - August 2018
External Affairs
Hong Kong Baptist University


I have undertaken my internship in a dynamic working environment and acquainted myself with a variety of responsibilities, from performing research to writing proposals for outreach. I have gained career insights from observing and delving into the day-to-day functioning of ASHK, and for that I am grateful.


HEFFNER Ariana Nae Youlin 

June - August 2018
Programs (Arts & Culture)
George Washington University


Interning at ASHK, I had the privilege of working closely with my supervisors and always felt comfortable sharing my ideas with them. However, the most significant takeaway from this experience was the deeper appreciation I have for this organization and what it stands for to promote Asian and Western culture to the Hong Kong community.


WU Mei Sze Macy

June - August 2018
Events & Visitor Service
Lingnan University


It has been a valuable experience to work at ASHK. My supervisor and colleagues have given me a lot of advice and support throughout my internship period. This experience enables me to enhance my communication and problem-solving skills, which would be helpful for my future career.


NG Ki Lam Michael

June – July 2018
Programs (Business & Policy)
University of Melbourne

Working at ASHK, I am exposed to amazing people from around the world and have been provided with diverse cultural perspectives. Here, I have also learnt how to effectively communicate and conduct various types of research. I believe these qualities will strengthen my future employability.