Fireside Chats

What are Fireside Chats?

Eight interactive Fireside Chats will be held throughout the program year.  These will be organized around four key areas, namely, (1) Global Studies; (2) Business & Finance; (3) Creative Industries, Architecture and Design, and (4) Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Chart (ENG)

*Topics may be subjected to change.

Each Fireside Chat will feature a leader or game changer within a specific industry sector to share their vision and insights on their personal journey to success.  These will be in a variety of formats from talks and roundtables to interactive workshops, depending on topics and speakers.  Where applicable, speakers may offer supplementary activities to participants at a later date.

How to enroll in the Fireside Chats?

With a focus on creating meaningful interaction and experiences, up to 40 student participants will be invited through enrollment on our dedicated Facebook Group.  Where the format and topic permit, additional real-time and online participation may be considered.  Repeated participation in the Fireside Chats is possible, but priority will be given to first time registrants.