Dr. Shan Jixiang: The Future of Chinese Museums

HONG KONG, June 19, 2012 — In his first public speech in Hong Kong since being appointed Director of The Palace Museum in Beijing in January 2012, Dr. Shan Jixiang proposed a way forward for museums in China, arguing that Chinese museums should no longer just be agents for the collection of art and the static display of history and heritage. Instead, Dr. Shan would like to see these institutions collectively evolve into a role that he sees as more fitting for China, marrying her unique cultural heritage with her rapid development, while answering to the growing demand for arts and culture by the general population.

Dr. Shan believes that by enhancing their built architecture, scientific research, content, accessibility, and services, etc., Chinese museums can and should migrate from simply growing in numbers to growing in overall quality. Dr. Shan also proposed that Chinese museums should extend beyond physical spaces in order to serve many functions, including becoming drivers for education, infusing positive energy to promote cross-cultural understanding, and more.

Watch the complete program in Chinese (1 hr., 39 min.)



Watch the complete program in English (1 hr., 36 min.)