ASHK Supports the Hong Kong Youth Choir Concert

HONG KONG September 2, 2017 — Despite the weather, more than 200 members and guests enjoyed alluring tunes from the Shanghai’s golden era of the 1930’s by the Hong Kong Youth Choir in a performance entitled A Night at the Bund. The concert was supported by Asia Society Hong Kong Center to promote young local talent to our community and also to help the choir in their fund-raising effort.

The choir’s harmonious performance hit the hearts of the audiences. Numerous non-Asian audiences clapped to the rhythm, and some even sang to Mandarin tunes. Nearly 50 seniors and members of the community from various local welfare organizations were invited to enjoy themselves to the songs, which they all closely listen to. The enthusiastic crowd encouraged the choir to perform more songs before calling it a night.

After two additional encores, the performance was called to a close and many of the participants took photographs together with the choir members.

If you missed this concert, you can still check out other upcoming performances by the Hong Kong Youth Choir here.

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