American Dreams in China

Screening and talk trace genesis of box-office hit

L to R: Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Victor Qiang Wang, Bob Xiaoping Xu, and Ronnie C. Chan at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on April 25, 2014. (Asia Society Hong Kong Center)

HONG KONG, April 25, 2014 — A movie directed by Peter Ho-Sun Chan and inspired by the co-founders of China's largest cram school, New Oriental Group's American Dreams in China follows the paths of three Chinese friends who aim to live the American Dream by establishing a private tutoring institution. It was presented here in an evening screening followed by a panel discussion with the director and two of the New Oriental Group's co-founders, Victor Qiang Wang and Bob Xiapoing Xu. Asia Society Co-Chair and Chairman of Asia Society Hong Kong Center Ronnie C. Chan moderated the discussion.

During the panel, Bob Xu described pitching the original movie idea — which reflects the experiences of the three Co-Founders' journey into establishing a successful educational institution — to director and producer Peter Chan. The movie turned out to be a huge hit, ranking number three in HK box office sales last year; it also generated $500 million for New Oriental.

"So it's a good movie," chuckled Mr. Xu.

Video: Watch the complete program (1 hr., 1 min.)