Asia Abridged Podcast: Hong Kong's Vanishing Autonomy

Former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong Anson Chan

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When the United Kingdom transferred sovereignty of Hong Kong to China in the summer of 1997, Beijing agreed to maintain the territory's economic and political autonomy for the next 50 years. Anson Chan, who as chief secretary of Hong Kong in the 1990s had a front-row seat to the handover, is skeptical that the terms of the handover are holding up. 

In this episode of Asia Abridged, Chan describes how Hong Kong has changed in the two decades since the handover and warns that an increasingly powerful mainland China may yet make further encroachments on the territory's autonomy.

About the Author

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Matt Schiavenza is the Assistant Director of Content at Asia Society. His work has appeared at The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, The New Republic, Fortune, and strategy + business among other publications.