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21 March
The Vice President of China Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong shares insights into the Xi Jinping administration.
20 March
Daniel Freeman argues in his studies that women suffer a higher rate of mental health disorders than men.
13 March
Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird says Canada needs to take an active role in Asia to expand its own economic prosperity.
11 March
A recap of a fun and exciting evening at the one-year anniversary celebration of the Hong Kong Center.
9 March
Imminent Domain Designer Dylan Kwok and Hong Kong based-Korean designer HyeJin Ahn taught children how to build houses with one window using paper.
9 February
Asia Society Hong Kong celebrates the Year of the Snake on February 3.
29 January
Former Mexican Minister of Health Dr. Julio Frenk argues that a healthy population is also essential to economic growth.
29 January
Participate Asia Society Hong Kong Center's first photo contest on social media!
31 December
A look back at Asia Society Hong Kong Center's accomplishments in its first year.
24 December
A review in the New York Times calls Asia Society Hong Kong's new restaurant "an unusual glimpse into a different time."