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28 October
The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is deemed significant as it is the first copied version of the Hebrew Bible that dates back to the Second Temple Period.
24 October
With many fresh graduates poorly equipped with practical skills for the working environment, business and academic leaders exchange and raise up possible solutions for this issue.
23 October
In its debut at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, the Asia Society Kai-Yin Lo Distinguished Programs presented an evening dialogue with John Howkins, Yat Siu, Chan Koonchung, Ms. Kai-Yin Lo, moderated by Ada Wong.
22 October
Vikram Lall, architect and author, mapped out the significance behind Buddhist heritage sites in Southeast Asia.
22 October
Los Romero provided individual lessons and tips to local guitar learners and enthusiasts.
22 October
Los Romero graced Asia Society Hong Kong Center with its melodic and skilful string performance scattered with conversations recollecting anecdotes from their journey to performing globally.
22 October
I MAESTRI, an all-male Korean opera choir, gave their debut performance at Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
14 October
See how one rebuild the Philippines communities after the destructive typhoon Haiyan 11 months ago.
9 October
Wong, Murphy and Chan put a close eye on economic challenges facing in Asia and the world.
9 October
Find out more about the China-India economic relations from Dr. Anil K. Gupta and Alan Rosling.