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4 January
US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, spoke at the Fall Gala Dinner in Hong Kong, November 2, 2011.
7 November
The former U.S. Secretary Treasury looks at challenges to the U.S. and global economies at the Hong Kong Center's annual gala event.
12 October
Top economists assess potential drags on the Chinese economy over the next decade.
30 September
A top Thai journalist assesses what's ahead for Thailand, now that Yingluck Shinawatra is Prime Minister.
26 September
What's behind the recent flurry of merger activity on Asian stock exchanges?
27 July
A top PRC official counters criticism of China's human rights abuses and proffers a hand of 'partnership' to the West.
26 July
In Hong Kong, Secretary of State seeks to allay fears about U.S. debt ceiling debate.
Donald Tsang
29 June
Hong Kong's chief executive says it's time for HK-Australia partnerships to go beyond finance.
29 June
A former US Senator decries the ongoing "middle-class squeeze" and the increasingly strident partisanship in American public life.