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17 November
Making paper gold a supranational reserve currency can be a solution to prevent future pitfalls?
17 November
How cancers are more preventable or treatable than the others with up-to-date medical technology.
15 November
A multimedia experience that enriches audience’s experience and knowledge inside and outside of ASHK.
13 November
Shilpa Gupta explains her work 1:14.9 in No Country: Contemporary Art for South & Southeast Asia.
12 November
"Clean technology is a big industry in Vancouver now,” that city's Mayor tells Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
11 November
How Jade was used to express power, wealth and social status in burials and ceremonies.
11 November
American Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell performed in Asia Society Hong Kong Center on November 3 (Sunday), 2013.
30 October
Check out the photos taken from our opening dinner and cocktail reception.
24 October
Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s third Morgan Stanley-Asia Society Family Day attracted over 600 people.
21 October
Mr Joseph Lau has been one of our key supporters and contributed significantly to the revitalization of the Former Explosives Magazine.