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8 May
Presenting in Asia Society Hong Kong Center
8 May
Shin Kyung-sook's Man Asian Literary Prize winner 'Please Look After Mother' suggests what's been lost in contemporary Korea.
7 May
New life in original form by Rebecca Lo
7 May
In Hong Kong, a master musician treats audience to short works for cello.
6 May
Wang talked about his passion for music, memories meeting Isaac Stern, journey to international prominence, and performed four short music pieces.
25 April
525 short biographies demonstrate both the diversity of the city's populace and the intricate connections among them.
23 April
Rawi Hage and Madeleine Thien see writing as a mad person's craft, but admit that injustice is one of their prime motivations for their work.
17 April
Filmmaker makes documentaries because she wants "to give a voice to people who don't have a voice."
13 April
Venerable Sik Hin Hung offers an enlightening discussion of his personal views on Buddhism.
12 April
Contrary to popular wisdom, Asian nations are not bankrolling the United States, says top banking official.