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12 June
Screening of a documentary celebrating the legendary heritage of the Kadoorie family and The Peninsula Hotels.
12 June
The Carnegie Moscow Center's Director analyzes fallout from the Ukraine crisis between Russia and the international community, and its possible effects on Russian policy toward Asia.
12 June
More than 400 of the world’s most distinguished collectors, curators, gallerists and dignitaries gathered this evening to honor 4 exceptional contemporary artists.
10 June
Did you submit your poster design in the Family Environmental Day? Check out the result here!
9 June
Asia Society Hong Kong Center held the first-ever Family Environmental Day, thanks to the sponsorship by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
30 May
Experts representing Hong Kong, London and New York share insights into building resilient cities, with an emphasis on infrastructure.
29 May
As part of the Center's Meet the Author Series, Jenny Bowen, the CEO and founder of Half the Sky Foundation, was invited to share and discuss her book on abandoned Chinese orphans.
28 May
Citing his new book, Dean Kennedy presents globalization trends from the perspective of an average operations manager faced with rapid change in global trades and services.
26 May
Géraldine Lenain introduced pieces dealt by C.T. Loo, one of the most exceptional art dealers of Chinese artifacts in Europe.
21 May
Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint explored possible reasons behind policy stagnation in the U.S. Congress.