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5 June
Asia Society Hong Kong Center's inaugural Family Day attracted more than 400 big and little people.
3 June
A documentary film researcher shares his insights into Americans who defected to North Korea at the height of the Cold War.
31 May
An American journalist and scholar identifies common traits among four of Asia's most influential leaders.
29 May
Scholar Ezra Vogel ranks Deng's contribution to modern China as greater than Mao Zedong's.
22 May
Eight artists featured in Pia Getty's documentary see creativity as form of constructive resistance.
21 May
What to do with a rainy Friday afternoon? 69 primary school students paid a visit to ASHK!
16 May
An innovative hybrid project surveys artists about China's future.
15 May
The Financial Times cites "crisp, clean modernity" in its May 12 assessment of Asia Society Hong Kong's architecture.
11 May
This tailor-made trilingual (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin) app for 3G smartphones provides information and guides.
9 May
Economist and Yale University President Richard C. Levin offers his frank views on the slump and the struggling recovery.