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Asian Pacific American Q&A Series

We began interviewing noteworthy Asian Americans as a way to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue the series indefinitely. You can find our complete archive below.

Interview: HGTV Designer Vern Yip on Career Choices, Clean Lines and Clutter

Lifestyle The Hong Kong-born interior designer offers tips on how you can spruce up your place this summer and explains why he doesn't want any of his HGTV colleagues designing rooms for him.
May 29th by Dan Washburn |

Interview: Literary Pioneer Jessica Hagedorn on Glass Ceilings and a Generational Divide

Arts "Nothing much has changed," the groundbreaking author and editor says of Asian Americans in the arts, "the barriers are still there."
May 28th by Asia Society |

Interview: 'I Care About Little Things,' Says Creative Visionary Jeff Ng

Lifestyle The pathbreaking designer tells Asia Society, "I didn't want to be judged on the color of my skin but rather on the quality of my work."
May 24th by Clara Lambert |

Interview: Classical Violinist Jennifer Koh Finds Her Own Path to Music with Meaning

Arts The Chicago-born violinist has made a name for herself not only through her playing but through her unusually thoughtful approach to the classical repertory.
May 23rd by Jeff Tompkins |

Interview: Aasif Mandvi on Introducing Jon Hamm to the 'Indian Head Wobble'

Lifestyle The 'Daily Show' correspondent also lists his three favorite interviews on the fake news show and warns Jon Stewart of a potential John Oliver takeover.
May 22nd by Dan Washburn |

Interview: Multitasking Fashion Guru, Reality TV Host Joe Zee Does What He Loves

Lifestyle "Sleep can be overrated," the ELLE magazine creative director and reality television host tells Asia Society.
May 21st by Clara Lambert |

Interview: Producer Kyu Lee on Bringing Psy and 'Korean Wave' of Pop Culture to US

Lifestyle The man who helped Psy break big in America on helping more Asians and Asian Americans gain exposure in mainstream media.
May 20th by Anna Sohn |

Interview: 'Top Chef' Kristen Kish on Her Korean Fried Chicken Addiction, and More

Lifestyle The recent 'Top Chef' winner talks about eating her weight in Doritos off camera during the show, and lists her favorite people to follow on Twitter.
May 17th by Clara Lambert |

Interview: Filmmaker Amrit Singh Dishes on His Quest to Find New York's Best Dosa

Multimedia From the many phases of his hair to a tweet that inspired his film "Dosa Hunt," the Punjabi American music maven tells us how his heritage has shaped who he is today.
May 16th by Tahiat Mahboob |

Interview: 'Zombie Combat' Expert Roger Ma Protects Fellow Citizens From the Undead

As vampires and zombies threaten to overrun American culture, one man stands between ordinary mortals and the blood-sucking, flesh-eating hordes.
May 15th by Jeff Tompkins |