About ASPI

For 60 years, the Asia Society has sought to explain the diversity of Asia to the United States and the complexity of the United States to Asia, and to be a bridge in problem-solving within the region and between Asia and the wider world. With a solution-oriented mandate, the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) builds on this mission by tackling major policy challenges confronting the Asia-Pacific in security, prosperity, sustainability, and the development of common norms and values for the region.

ASPI is a think/do tank designed to bring forth policy ideas that incorporate the best thinking from top experts in Asia and to work with policy makers to integrate these ideas and put them into practice. ASPI advances inclusive and effective policymaking for Asia and the world by:

• Engaging in policy initiatives where the challenge is carefully defined, there is a fixed time limit to the process, and possible solutions are prepared for policy makers and/or corporate leaders.

• Engaging in public diplomacy by convening summits that bring together significant thought leaders from across Asia, the U.S., and Europe focused on the specific regional and global impacts of a rising Asia.

• Leveraging its platform to disseminate policy-relevant information about the various countries of Asia and the U.S. to regional and global audiences.

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