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Asia Society Global Compact

• We lead with trust and humility as we approach different nations, peoples, and points of view with respect.

• We seek to build bridges and understanding, shedding light rather than heat.

• We are bold and innovative and we embrace risk.

• We strive to be collaborative, impactful, and provide unique value in the context of agreed strategies and vision.

• We understand global not as the opposite of local, but as the intersection of different local aspects. Global is where there is a commonality among three or more centers.

• We communicate openly across the global network with an aim to share ideas, insights, and challenges in order to grow and improve. We actively engage and are responsive to our peers across the network, and value direct peer-to-peer communication with all global colleagues.

• We each own and are part of everything in the global network. We facilitate, celebrate, and share in everyone’s success.

• We act in the best interest of Asia Society and realize that follow through is as important as intent.

Asia Society Core Principles

• We are passionate about understanding and connecting Asia and the world.

• We revere the tradition of excellence at Asia Society, and how to uphold it in everything we do. We settle for nothing less than the highest-caliber work – whether in programs or operations.

• We provide a trusted, non-partisan space where both internal and external interactions are always tactful, respectful, and collegial. Collaborations are not just an occasional occurrence; they are our mode of operating.

• We work towards a common goal and are accountable to one another and our funders for achieving it. We craft our work to result in change and conscientiously measure whether we have achieved it, revising our work as needed.

• We believe that the best results can be achieved when we work across disciplines, geographies, and professions, increasing insights and creating opportunities for improving the world.

• We are intellectually curious and continually responsive to emerging needs in the fields in which we operate and how we might best address them, making sure our work remains relevant.

• While our work spans different disciplines, these principles apply to everything we do


Asia Society is an exciting place to work. Join the team and live the mission by contributing to goals and objectives in one of the following areas:

  • Arts and Culture
    • Museum
    • Cultural Programs
  • Business and Policy
    • Asia Society Policy Institute
    • Center on U.S. – China Relations
    • Global Initiatives Group
  • Center for Global Education
  • Operations
  • Executive Offices
  • External Affairs
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Global Centers

How to Apply

For each position listed, please refer to the contact information provided in the posting. No phone calls, please. Only those candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. If you submit your resume by email, please regard it as having been received unless your email is bounced back.

Asia Society is an equal-opportunity employer.

Full-Time Employment Opportunities

Program Officer (Grade 5) — Asia Society Policy Institute — Code 1720 — New York

Security Officer (Grade 4) — Code 1706 — New York

Program Assistant — Asia Society India — Mumbai

Part-Time Employment Opportunities

Part-Time Receiving and Shipping Associate (Grade 1) — Code 1718 — New York

Part Time Sales Associate, AsiaStore (Grade 1) — New York — Code 1702

The Endowment for Educational Opportunity

Summer 2017 Internships

Temporary Employment Opportunities

No current listings — check back soon for updates.

On-Call Employment Opportunities

No current listings — check back soon for updates.

Fellowship Opportunities

Jack Wadsworth Fellows

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Summary - New York Headquarters and U.S. Branch Centers