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Asian Pacific American Q&A Series

We began interviewing noteworthy Asian Americans as a way to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue the series indefinitely. You can find our complete archive below.

Interview: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Star Randall Park on Being an Asian-American in the Comedy World

Current Affairs "American comedy has had a rich history of lame Asian-American portrayals."
May 2nd by Michelle FlorCruz |

Interview: Eva Chen on 'Accidentally' Discovering Fashion and the Future of Print Media

Current Affairs Lifestyle "Fashion magazines exist to inspire people," says former Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen.
June 16th by Juan Machado |

Interview: New York's Nisha Agarwal on Why Being Pro-Immigrant Make Cities Stronger

Current Affairs New York City's commissioner for immigrant affairs warns that often "the voice of a small, anti-immigrant minority drowns out the vast majority of Americans who support making this country welcoming and inclusive."
June 8th by Juan Machado |

Interview: Top Chef Winner Mei Lin on Fighting 'Submissive' Asian Stereotypes in the Kitchen

Current Affairs Food & Recipes Mei Lin discusses why her parents opposed her becoming a chef and shares some of her favorite dishes.
May 29th by Clara Lambert |

Interview: Andrew Lam, From Heartbroken Vietnamese Refugee to Best-Selling Author

Arts Current Affairs Vietnamese American author recounts how he forced himself to confront the carnage, heartbreak, and marginalization of his childhood through writing.
May 28th by Eric Fish |

Interview: Harry Shum, Jr. on Demanding Roles and 'Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable'

Arts Harry Shum, Jr. discusses his "most complex character" yet in the upcoming Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel.
May 27th by Tim Lau |

Interview: Hines Ward on Steeler Nation, South Korea, and the 'Mount Rushmore' of Broadcasting

Current Affairs Lifestyle Hines Ward on his first return to South Korea in 2006: "It made me really proud of my Korean side and I am still grateful to the Korean people for their continued support and love."
May 26th by Tim Lau |

Interview: Writer Tao Lin on 'Remaining a Stranger' Wherever He Goes

Arts Controversial author discusses visiting Taiwan, plans for his next novel, and drawing mandalas while stoned in his room.
May 22nd by Juan Machado |

Interview: CNBC's Melissa Lee on Reporting from China and Taking It 'One Show at a Time'

Business Fast Money anchor Melissa Lee discusses her childhood in Long Island, how an early career in consulting prepared her for journalism, and her experiences reporting from China.
May 21st by Juan Machado |

Interview: Lucy Liu on Growing Up in Queens, Ally McBeal, and Hollywood's 'Slow' Progress in Casting Asian Americans

Arts Current Affairs Things are better today for Asian Americans in entertainment than ever before, says the star of CBS's Elementary, "but it's a very slow process."
May 20th by Juan Machado |