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Asian Pacific American Q&A Series

We began interviewing noteworthy Asian Americans as a way to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue the series indefinitely. You can find our complete archive below.

Jimmy Chin's Perpetual Adventure

Current Affairs The mountaineer and photographer tells Asia Blog about all things mountains, skiing, and photography.
May 3rd by Clara Lambert |

Falsely Accused: Chinese-American Physicist Recounts Being Branded A Spy

Current Affairs Xiaoxing Xi was wrongly ensnared in an espionage crackdown. He describes what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again.
May 1st by Eric Fish |

An Interview With an Asian American Trump Supporter

Current Affairs Lisa Shin, the daughter of South Korean immigrants, explains why President Trump's position on immigration appeals so much to her.
April 11th by Matt Schiavenza |

Muslim Marine Hits the Streets of America to Spread Positivity About His Faith

Current Affairs Mansoor Shams explains why he had to "come out of his cave" to engage with other Americans about Islam.
March 14th by Eric Fish |

Rana Foroohar on How Finance's Growth Is Bad for Business

Current Affairs In this interview, the Turkish-American journalist also tells Asia Blog what disturbs her about the Trump administration.
March 3rd by Matt Schiavenza |

'Arrival' Actor Tzi Ma on Being Outspoken in Hollywood

Arts "Most of the people in the Writers Guild of America are middle-aged, white, American males — still today! What do they know about us?
October 24th by Michelle FlorCruz |

Marco Polo's Leonard Wu: TV Streaming Sites Are Good for Diversity

Current Affairs The star of Netflix's Marco Polo says that Asian-Americans are beginning to "hold Hollywood accountable" in casting decisions.
July 14th by Michelle FlorCruz |

The Atlantic's Alex Wagner: Diversity More Than Just 'Ticking a Box'

Current Affairs In an interview with Asia Blog, the journalist discusses her Asian American background, the resonance of the immigration story, and why the media isn't to blame for Donald Trump.
June 14th by Matt Schiavenza |

The Americans' Ruthie Ann Miles: 'We Should Not Be Satisfied Playing the Token Asian'

Arts The Korean-raised actress, currently starring in The King and I on Broadway, discussed her passion for music, theater, and says why television makes her nervous.
June 9th by Clara Lambert |

PBS' Hari Sreenivasan: 'Diversity Is More Than Just the Face on TV'

Current Affairs In an interview with Asia Blog, the broadcast journalist explains how true diversity would only benefit the news business.
June 7th by Matt Schiavenza |