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Asian Pacific American Q&A Series

We began interviewing noteworthy Asian Americans as a way to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue the series indefinitely. You can find our complete archive below.

Interview: Tracy Wong on Leadership, Diversity, and the Importance of 'Creative Democracy'

Arts The award-winning advertising executive explains why letting everyone — even the accounts team — get involved in the creative process has made his Wongdoody firm so successful.
June 6th by Clara Lambert |

Interview: The New Yorker's Adrian Chen on Diversity, Longform Writing, and His Fascination With Trolling

Arts Current Affairs "If you come to journalism kind of with any kind of outsider perspective, you'd begin to see to see how much people rely on the same sources and cover the same stories."
May 31st by Matt Schiavenza |

Interview: Pulitzer-Winner Viet Thanh Nguyen on Why History Can’t Be Erased

Arts Current Affairs "The effacement and erasure of Asians, Asian Americans and other minorities or people of color still continues to this day in the U.S."
May 27th by Juan Machado |

Interview: Ivy Teng Lei on Why Asian Americans Have as Much Stake in the Immigration Debate as Anyone Else

Current Affairs "I felt that they needed someone who was not just a Latino face. Asian Americans are just as much of this movement as other immigrants in this country."
May 26th by Juan Machado |

Interview: Historian Erika Lee on the 'Traumatic' History of Chinese Immigration to the U.S.

Current Affairs The preeminent immigration historian discusses her family’s hardship coming to the U.S., how stereotypes of Chinese immigrants are shifting, and how Asian Americans remain “invisible” in many ways.
May 23rd by Eric Fish |

Interview: Jordan Clarkson Celebrates His Asian-American Roots Through Basketball

Current Affairs "As the only Filipino-American currently playing, I want to show that there are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you work hard and put your heart into it."
May 20th by Michelle FlorCruz |

Interview: Anna Sui on Dressing Rock Stars

Arts The iconic fashion designer on thinking globally, channeling Keith Richards, and her upcoming book.
May 18th by Christine Hsieh |

Interview: DJ Neil Armstrong on Food, Music, and His Filipino Heritage

Arts The turntablist says he's drawn to his craft out of a desire to be "the person who makes everyone dance."
May 16th by Clara Lambert |

Interview: 'Top Chef' Edward Lee on Why Lo-Mein is as American as Apple Pie

Current Affairs The chef tells Asia Blog that "it is truly an exciting time to eat at Asian-inspired restaurants right now."
May 12th by Christine Hsieh |

Interview: Saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa on Charlie Parker, Ravi Shankar, and the Other F-Word

Arts The Indian-American saxophonist discusses his heritage, musical influences, and why Ravi Shankar's appearance at Woodstock was both the "best and worst thing" to happen to Indian music.
May 4th by Matt Schiavenza |