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Meet Wu Tong, sheng master and Silk Road Ensemble founding member.
Asia Society Board Member Y. Ping Sun to be honored for her many contributions to the community.
Biwa master Akiko Sakurai performed narrative songs from Japan’s medieval period.
Eclectic works herald China's new generation.
Feb. 7-8: Two-day event celebrates rich legacy of new commissions.
Malaysia's Sutra Dance Theater enacts the love between Krishna and Radha in a compelling, color-filled performance.
The composer and mixed-media artist describes how Nam June Paik has inspired his own work, and how he sees himself as extending Paik's legacy into the 21st century.
DJ Spooky engages with his pioneering predecessor Nam June Paik.
Sumantra Ghosal discusses how he made his film about celebrated dancer/choreographer Malavika Sarukkai, who brings a contemporary sensibility to traditional Bharatanatyam.
Doris Duke Impact Award recipient discusses her roots, growing up, and her work.
Houston Shakespeare Festival actor discusses his heritage and definition of success.
Chinese singers reach the world stage.
China’s opera craze is big news for New York or Chicago or San Francisco as much as Beijing and Shanghai.
Song, dance, and a didgeridoo combine to create a spell.
A new multimedia work from Lebanon envisions a Facebook feed as a storytelling device.
Latest Dominic Walsh Dance Theater project premieres at Asia Society Texas Center.
Apr. 11-12: Two-day event showcases five of Korea's finest musicians.
Takuya Kuroda heralds new generation of jazz from Japan.

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