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Asia Society Texas Center announces the appointment of Saleena Jafry as the new Director of Education, Business & Policy.
The legendary trumpeter told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he "wasn't anywhere near Joey's sophistication at his age."
Artists presented musical performances exploring their creative encounters and then discussed explorations of identity, gender, and the Asian American experience.
Viewers enjoyed an engaging performance depicting the personal and spiritual journey of the Vietnamese boat people
Asia Society Arts at 60
Asia Society Texas Center welcomed back Tibetan monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery to create a sand mandala and perform special dances.
Video: A blend of traditional and new music from The Bandistan Ensemble.
Packed houses visited Asia Society to celebrate the inaugural world premiere production, Tsuru.
Asia Society brings Lahore Literary Festival, a celebratory exploration of the literary arts of Pakistan, to New York.
Renowned puppet master Ki Midaiyanto brings Indonesia's "Tale of Déwa Ruci" to life at Asia Society.
Asia Society's Rachel Cooper explains what makes the ancient Javanese art form so unique.
The traditional music transports the musicians and audience closer to the divine.
The two-day event offers a rejoinder to the country's reputation for political instability and extremism.
Audiences were left rolling after a special performance of traditional Japanese comedic theater.
Japanese Kyogen is a rare form of classic theater that lends itself well to modern interpretation while still maintaining its 600 year-old spirit.
Asia Society welcomed key artists of the contemporary opera 'Paradise Interrupted' for a special preview performance.
Director Jennifer Wen Ma and composer Huang Ruo present a hybrid between traditional opera and an art installation piece.
Asia Society Texas Center announces the appointment of Stephanie Todd Wong as the new Director of Arts & Culture.

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